Friday, December 19, 2014

locking to memory

before December ends I need to catch up on a few things....

one weekend, Alice-Anne texted me late at night, asking if i had plans for that weekend. Naturally, I always do, but nothing that couldn't have been postponed. So, the next day, I took the frontrunner for the first time,  and missed it, which spawned this blog post.

Alice-Anne has become a new hero of mine ever since. I walked into their house, and just after seconds of taking off my boots, Elliott completely tackled me and probably ripped out a handful of hair. He's so cute, he can get away with it. Then, after a few minutes, I was exhausted, and I realized, this how Alice-Anne lives daily! She made the most delicious dinners -- and she snaps her wrist and says, "oh its so easy." I feel my inner-cooking confidence just crumble. Don't believe me, my current speciality right now is cottage cheese and apple sauce.

Somehow, without waving a magic wand, Alice-Anne feed three cute happy kids, talk about their "awesomes" of the day, and everyone eagerly participates (say what?), its true, and then they all "transform" into pray mode, as we bustled out the door, and it doesn't end there. They all climb to the couch mound, and sit waving goodbye through the window to their beloved mother. If she wasn't a celebrity before, she is now, thanks to her own kids.

Alice-Anne gave me every second of talking time I wanted, which I loved. I am now learning more and more of the beauty of having five spectacular sisters. They first understand me, hello, we come from the same lineage ;), secondly, they actually want to help me by answering my questions, and three, they are all experienced in everything that I am doing : college, dating, post-mission life, preparing for motherhood, etc.

It was fun to just be with Alice-Anne. I told her this was the first time being in "time-out" was actually fun. She scored two tickets last minute to the Time Out for Women for both session. Those were expensive tickets! And we got great seats. We heard from them all: Sheri Dew, Nicole Pikus Pace, Mercy River, Joshua Wright (check him out! so good!), Sandra Turley, and the list goes on. We were both inspired. I had a lousy attitude about it at first because I wasn't a mother, and felt everything was geared towards that, but isn't everyone a mother? I did have so much fun, but I was alittle anxious to get back to Provo. I wanted to see that boy again. My mom was completely impressed that I had gone 24 hours without seeing Bronson, and I said, "oh don't worry mom, we skyped when I was at Alice-Anne's."

Overall, I think I was more inspired by spending time with Alice-Anne then I did during the entire Time Out for Women conference. It made me so grateful Heavenly Father gave me examples of who I should be like, and what I need to do in my life.


  1. I'm glad you got to spend that fun time with Alice-Anne. Being around her wiuld inspire me as well. Sisters are the best!

  2. Ah,thanks bubs.I loved having that weekend with you all to myself!


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