Friday, November 21, 2014

a friday ramble. . .

I'm sitting in the crow black bench which is numbing my body in the cold. I'm experiencing one of those inevitable  awful moments where you miss your train just by seconds. Even while it was in motion I reached up to the "open doors" button just to please my hopefulness, but those doors mocked me, and they remained entirely shut.

Now, I'll consider myself as Anne of green gables, who sits at the train station. There is so much scope for the imagination in the outdoors.

bear with me as the coherent-ness in my brain is rather foggy.
last night, i made the faultless choice to stay up with my roommate, affectionally known as hales, until nearly two in the morning. man, that seems alot worse writing it down than it did in the moment. but alas, we were on curfew-patrol, making sure our roommates didn't keep their boyfriends lurking after hours in our apt. i'm still struggling to understand their logic of breaking curfew by sleeping on my couch--aren't you paying rent for your own bed? well use it. okay, that vent sesh is out.

on other news. this is what i've been musing about lately.

:: my big dream right now is to attend a TED talks conference. until i looked at the entrance fee, its just slightly over 4,000. *cough* maybe some other day. i'll just stick to watch it via internet.

:: i prefer cheap chocolate to fancy truffles. rather odd isn't it. but its true. besides, it mostly means i can have more of it too before my sweet tooth expires.

:: my mother is the emoji queen in texting. its actually quite cute. i admire her for it.

:: i've been out of deodorant for full week now. its interesting to see that in the despairing moments of life, people become overly generous. i assume it is for the sake of all that things stay like a bouquet of roses rather than sewers. i thank them for their benevolence. (shameless plug for anyone to buy me another ;)

:: i'm learning that i should never have a financial budget--because i now overspend instead of underspend. go figure. the same thing happens when i diet. if i'm consciously dieting, then i'll overeat than under-eat. judge me all you want.

:: and nothing tickles my fancy more than making dinner with my friend, Bronson. because it makes me feel like a real grown up, doing important and fancy things.

happy weekend folks. now go spread some 'giving' cheer! 

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