Wednesday, December 3, 2014

never too late for gratitude

i slid off my platform bed to do this one necessary act.

i needed to take a hiatus from my bittnerness and start a new attitude. one of gratitude.

i think i've unconciously been ungrateful--or just not recognizing all i have to be grateful for-- lately, just because everything in my life is going well. so here's me repenting and striving to be grateful.

so... in hopes of being a happier person:

:: be grateful for laundry because it means you have more than enough clothes to wear. 
:: be grateful for cleaning because it means you have a place to live and it is lived in
:: be grateful for being tired at the end of the day, because it means you used your time wisely
:: be grateful for a painful stomach because it means you have a working body
:: be grateful for the clothes that fit too snug because it means you have enough food to eat.
:: be grateful for the sun, because it reminds you to LOOK UP. 
:: be grateful for cell-phones so we can hear the sound of a mothers voice on the other end. 
:: be grateful for a heavy backpack because it means you are having the opportunity to gain knowledge
:: be grateful for the scriptures and always be grateful for them

to be continued....

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