1. :: be grateful to awake by the cry of a baby, because s/he's healthy, and depends on you to live.
  2. :: be grateful for the clothes that fit too snug because it means you have enough food to eat.
  3. :: be grateful for the monthly rent bill because it means you have a shelter from the storms.
  4. :: be grateful for the mess after a party, because it means you were surrounded by friends
  5. :: be grateful for the days that we physically suffer as women because it means we can have children
  6. :: be grateful for laundry because it means you have more than enough clothes to wear. 
  7. :: be grateful for the utility bill because that means you have a warm home, and light to see
  8. :: be grateful for the parking spot furtherest away from the store, because it means you can walk.
  9. :: be grateful for tuition because it means you get to earn an education
  10. :: be grateful for the alarm that goes off in the early morning because that means you are alive.
  11. :: be grateful today for a job, which helps me pay for my rent
  12. :: be grateful for simple traditions that make us happy. like decorating the Christmas tree
  13. :: be grateful for cold weather to appreciate the warm weather
  14. :: be grateful for a university to challenge my intelligability and work ethic
  15. :: be grateful for a broken bike to appreciate how convenient it has been all this time.
  16. :: be grateful for roommates who help us see life in new perspective
  17. :: be grateful for birthdays to remember a celebration of our life thus far 
  18. :: be grateful for smiles in a sad world
  19. :: be grateful for sisters who are your best friends even hundreds of miles away. 
  20. :: be grateful for technology...it allows me to get good grades. 
  21. :: be grateful for messy houses with toys all around because it meant children were playing
  22. :: be grateful for locks on doors to feel physically protected at night
  23. :: be grateful for the books to read to children that builds their imagination
  24. :: be grateful for the sweet scent of a burning Christmas candle
  25. :: be grateful for fresh water to shower in 
  26. :: be grateful for identifying constellations in the sky
  27. :: be grateful to sleep under the stars at night
  28. :: be grateful for instruments that create more than music--creates love, peace in ones heart and home
  29. :: be grateful for the ability to create--even such simple things as a skirt to the great magnificent beauty of a child
  30. :: be grateful for love. to be loved. to give love. to feel love. 
  31. :: be grateful for floors that creak when you walk on them, because it means you have a floor that isn't made of dirt. 
  32. :: be grateful for when you are looked out of your house/apt. because it means you have a lock on your door to keep you safe and protected.
  33. :: be grateful for living on the 3rd floor apt. because it means you can walk up stairs without depending on anyone. 
  34. :: be grateful for the times you miss the bus and walk in the cold because it teaches you lessons of punctuality and responsibility. 
  35. :: be grateful for the sun, because it reminds you to LOOK UP. 
  36. :: be grateful for rotten food, because it means your supply of food is bountious. 
  37. :: be grateful for the times of trial because you'll always rely on the Lord. 
  38. :: be grateful you never have to worry about returning a Book of Mormon back to the bookstore, because its always true, so its never going to need to be returned. 
  39. :: be grateful for memories, because they make the present so much easier to live in. 
  40. :: just be grateful for parents, because we won't be ever able to thank them enough in this lifetime. 
  41. :: be grateful for a functioning body
  42. :: be grateful for the people you've met, even the ones you hate, because you are made up of everyone you've met
  43. :: be grateful for being tired at the end of the day, because it means you used your time wisely
  44. :: be grateful for long hours worked, because it means you made money
  45. :: be grateful for the ability to say two of the greatest words, "THANK YOU."
  46. :: be grateful for a eyes that see the beautiful snow fall or the sunset.
  47. :: be grateful for cleanliness, because it is next to godliness
  48. :: be grateful for a piece of chocolate--what would we do without it
  49. :: be grateful for cycles of health and sickness, because we appreciate life so much more
  50. :: be grateful for cell-phones so we can hear the sound of a mothers voice on the other end. 
  51. :: be grateful for bus services to get you from point a to point b without sweating or messing up your hair or make-up for school
  52. :: be grateful for color--it makes life more fun
  53. :: be grateful for words, because they express what our heart can not. 
  54. :: be grateful to be educated. 
  55. :: be grateful for keys that unlock the doors of protection and safety
  56. :: be grateful for lights--that provide instant brightness
  57. :: be grateful for a can of soup on a sick day.
  58. :: be grateful for the times when your mom took care of you when you were sick at home--those days come to an end. 
  59. :: be grateful for soap that washes away the dirt 
  60. :: be grateful for missionaries, who do what we don't 
  61. :: be grateful for temples---they are the happiness we need in life
  62. :: be grateful for ears to be able to hear the prophets voice
  63. :: be grateful for general conference
  64. :: be grateful for those that have jobs to make this society function
  65. :: be grateful for the heel of the loaf of bread--because others might not even have that
  66. :: be grateful for the blister on the bottom of your foot, because it means that you had fun dancing
  67. :: be grateful for gas stoves to make your own s'mores year round
  68. :: be grateful for recording to listen to church talks years after they were recorded
  69. :: be grateful for the money you have to spend to pay for laundry--it means you have a washer and dryer to use
  70. :: be grateful for taking out the garbage, because it means you had more than enough food to eat
  71. :: be grateful for cleaning because it means you have a place to live and it is lived in
  72. :: be grateful for friendships--because you need it more than you think
  73. :: be grateful for the time spent for church callings--it means the Lord knows you can grow
  74. :: be grateful for being tired because it means you can sleep and wake up again.
  75. :: be grateful for the sun, and then smile because of it.
  76. :: be grateful for having to walk to work, because it means you have a job
  77. :: be grateful for the bad grades you get on tests, because that means you can try harder the next time
  78. :: be grateful for getting little sleep, because that means you are trying hard in school and having a balanced life
  79. :: be grateful for gratitude
  80. :: be grateful for dirty dishes, because it means you had dishes to eat food on
  81. :: be grateful for chores, because they teach you how to work
  82. :: be grateful for an unmade bed, because it means you had a warm place to sleep last night
  83. :: be grateful for alarm clocks, because they help us to be punctual people to get things done
  84. :: be grateful for homework because it teaches us new things
  85. :: be grateful laundry because it means you had clothes to wear
  86. :: be grateful for a heavy backpack because it means you are having the opportunity to gain knowledge
  87. :: be grateful for compliments--and strive to say them more often
  88. :: be grateful for birthdays, because it celebrating another year of life on earth
  89. :: be grateful for chocolate--because sometimes you just need it
  90. :: be grateful for moldy food, because it means you had money to buy it
  91. :: be grateful for the scriptures and always be grateful for them
  92. :: be grateful for a hello from a stranger 
  93. :: be grateful for prayer and the divine connection it is
  94. :: be grateful for naps, because when you are mother, you forget what that word means
  95. :: be grateful for friends who help you study and tutor you
  96. :: be grateful for love--not that i know what it is like, but i've spent my life to be worthy of sacred love
  97. :: be grateful for mothers--for the years of sacrifice and service they attend to 
  98. :: be grateful for Sunday dinners with families
  99. :: be grateful for being sore because it means you have an able body to do hard work
  100. :: be grateful for LIFE.
  101. :: be grateful for the headaches because you had the ability to stay awake to finish your final.
  102. :: be grateful for hangnails because it means you have feeling in your fingers and growing cells in your body
  103. :: be grateful for the small cuts from shaving because it means you had a shaver to even shave with.
  104. :: be grateful for having to wait for a bus so you can have conversations with those around you. 
  105. :: be grateful for the people you meet + share life stories with--but never really meet again.
  106. :: be grateful for sacrifice, it refines your character
  107. :: be grateful for taking out the garbage because it means you have more than enough in your apt.
  108. :: be grateful for a laptop battery that dies in the most inconvenient time--because it means you have a computer. 
  109. :: be grateful for being cold, because it probably means you have a coat to warm you up again.
  110. :: be grateful for the water that comes out of the faucet--its automatically edible in the U.S.
  111. :: be grateful for making presentations or talking to someone you hate--because you actually have the ability to speak and think.
  112. :: be grateful for low test scores because it humbles us--tremendously. 
  113. :: be grateful for sorrow so you can more fully enjoy the joy. 
  114. :: be grateful for the spilled jam on the counter or the crumbs on the floor because it means you had enough to eat. 
  115. :: be grateful for pimples and zits, because it means our bodies are functioning and growing.
  116. :: be grateful for the dirty spoon, because it meant you had something to eat with. 
  117. :: be grateful for the days you forget to pack your lunch so can appreciate that you actually had food to pack to eat that day. 
  118. :: be grateful that you have money to pay for another lunch---when you forgot your packed lunch.
  119. :: be grateful you have a job that provides money to pay for that lunch
  120. :: be grateful your clothes are stained with sweat because it means you were able to exercise by yourself without any help from anyone. 
  121. :: be grateful you have imperfect teeth--it reminds us that we shouldn't try to be supermodels. 
  122. :: be grateful for low test scores, because it means you can try harder next time. 
  123. :: be grateful for an alarm clock, because it means you actually have a job/school/things to go do that day. 
  124. :: be grateful for a dead laptop with no charger because it means you are using what you have.
  125. :: be grateful for the moldy bread that you had to throw out, because it means you have more than just bread to eat. 
  126. :: be grateful for the empty bottle of toothpaste because it means you've been able to brush your teeth with what used to be a full tube of toothpaste.
  127. :: be grateful for when people compliment you--even when you think you don't deserve it. 
  128. :: be grateful you have a credit card bill because it means you have money to spend. 
  129. :: be grateful for the acne because it means your body is producing oils and functing correctly. 
  130. :: be grateful for a cell phone bill because it means you are staying connected to loved ones.
  131. :: be grateful for scars on your body because it reminds you of memories you had. 
  132. :: be grateful for pregnancy stretch marks because it means you were able to be pregnant and have a child. 
  133. :: be grateful for the days you forget your water bottle, because you are very less likely to ever forget it again. 
  134. :: be grateful for the males that treat you badly so you can find someone far better the next time.
  135. :: be grateful for power outages, because it means the rest of the time your electricity works without you thinking about it. 
  136. :: be grateful for the times your shower water turns cold because that means you usually shower with hot water. 
  137. :: be grateful for time away from family so you can come to appreciate them so much more. 
  138. :: be grateful for broken headphones because it means you have time to pray and read rather than listen to music. 
  139. :: be grateful for the times you can't fall asleep because you can count your blessings, rather than sheep. 
  140. :: be grateful when the toaster burns your toast, because it means you probably have another piece of bread to re-toast, or you have a toaster that works. 
  141. :: be grateful for pages and pages of hw to read, because it means you have the ability to learn how to read and comprehend what is going on. 
  142. :: be grateful for losing your house keys--because it means your door has a lock on it to keep you safe. 
  143. :: be grateful for tripping down the stairs because it means you have 2 feet that you can control. 
  144. :: be grateful extension chords that stretch across your kitchen because that means your refrigerator is still running. 
  145. :: be grateful for the times you got in trouble to learn to not do that again.
  146. :: be grateful for hearing an out of tune note because it means you have ears that let you hear. 
  147. :: be grateful for taking out the trash, because it means you have a place to dispose of it properly and that you had enough items/food to spare. 
  148. :: be grateful for both the days that are basically perfect and those aren't---because it means you are living. 
  149. :: be grateful for any cut, because it means you have a body that can heal itself. 
  150. :: be grateful for bad breath, because, frankly, it still means you are breathing and living!
  151. :: I'm grateful for cold feet to remind me that I have shoes & socks to wear.
  152. :: I'm grateful for a painful toe (more on that later) to remind me that I will have a perfect body after the resurrection
  153. :: I'm grateful for eyes that need wiping when snow drifts in, to remind me that I get to see this beautiful earth
  154. :: I'm grateful for shower curtains that fall down because i remember, i have a shower curtain.
  155. :: I'm grateful for pimples (this one took a lot of me to say), because it means my body is living
  156. :: I'm grateful for those few extra pounds gained during the holidays because it means there is more than enough food and it gives you an opportunity to work at achieving something hard
  157. :: I'm grateful for a laptop battery that dies, because it means I have a laptop and the means to recharge it. 

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