Wednesday, December 24, 2014

on the 11th day of Christmas, my boyfriend gave to me...

its christmas eve.

my sister great with child is at the ER, my mother has been glued to the bed all day, i'm letting the kids watch the Lion King, for the second time, and i'm trying to not break a molar as I chomp away through stale croutons in my salad.

because of all the chaos, I've been asked to be the pseudo mom. Take care of Evelyn, Christian, and Hudson, and do all the casseroles for the Christmas feast tomorrow night, and part of tonights.
I'm already failing.

I started a load of wash, and dryer, but left the dryer door opened, and forget to add the towels to the wash. sigh. I checked my phone for a matter of seconds, and Hudson, decided to be Picasso and draw on the window with pen. I race back and forth from reading the recipes to the food, convinced it should be less difficult. And then after attempting to put the baby down three times for his nap, I've realized I have forgotten all the primary children's songs in English and Spanish.  and clearly, i'm the slowest diaper changer in this families history. frankly, i'm in trouble.

now, i sit as commander in chief of this guess who game. to make sure there is no cheating between a a five and three year old. you know.

but... alot of this turned around, when i was in the kitchen, doing something, and the doorbell rings. of course, another package not for me. i didn't even bother to look up. and then my dad says its for "Emily Lewis." I became pretty suspicious, because there is only 1 thing that comes in box like that. Factly, I turned a few shades of red, and quickly unearthed what was beneath the lid. It wasn't just one rose, it was 12, beautiful long stemmed red roses. With a short but sweet note, and a box of delicious chocolates. Can you believe it. I couldn't. I think i was mesmerized for a good while. I always thought I wasn't going to be one of those girls that didn't roses or chocolates, but I was completely wrong. I was and am absolutely thrilled.

this has just been such a happy christmas. a christmas at home. a christmas with family. a christmas to remember Him--Jesus Christ, who has made all happiness, change, growth, goodness, and love, possible.

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