Monday, December 29, 2014

could i trouble you for a glass of warm milk?

For most of the world, December is a large glass of holiday cheer. For college students, December is a large glass of anxiety and suffering, garnished with a large dollop of stress and zero sleep; so hot, you might just have a meltdown.

The end of the semester and finals week just does that to you. For me, finals week consisted of a handful of exams and a new daily soap opera life.

I found eating ice-cream for breakfast and salad for lunch was a good emotional coping mechanism. However, my waistline thought otherwise.

Hayley was obviously concerned, when I walked into our room and exclaimed I was completely out of finals-studying-mode-comission when I reached the extinct of my ice-cream. She fancied my request and took me to the store to buy more ice-cream. She understands me.

But the deed is done. I finished my first semester of college post-mission. I did it. I remember still having months to go on my mission, and I couldn't even imagine myself strapping on a backpack everyday and sitting in a classroom, and yet, now it is first nature.

To be slightly serious for a moment--I completely attribute my good grades to having served a mission. I expressed with my mission president my 'education rebellion' i experienced my freshman year of college. (who doesn't? or maybe its just complete justification). And because of that, I made the goal to do well for the rest of college. He strongly encourage me and I felt equipped with a belt of responsibility and experience this semester.

Now, that i've had this break to enjoy sleeping in, and forgetting the regimen of school life, I anticipate this semester will be even better. I really want to get a 4.0. *gasp* Remind me thats my goal when we hit mid-terms.

For now, i'll enjoy my last few days of 'break' before the rolodex of school picks up again. Too bad I procrastinated all my research hours during the semester, and I've become a slave to it here and there during break. Heres to only 14 more hours of research...

in the meantime, I'll post super-low-quality iPhone pics of my best buds, my nieces. mostly, because the backlights in the ghetto bowling alley make our teeth look white.

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  1. So remember how stressful December's remind me well!


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