Wednesday, December 17, 2014

becoming twenty-two

I began this blogpost a number of times, explaining quite thoroughly my complaints and disastifactino with a series of events over the past couple of days -- but that will do no good for neither you or I, so I'm bypassing all of that and jumping to whats good.

I've been meaning to document a special day in my life. I feel like the mission really helped me to not care or expect so much about my birthday. I don't think I act in a way anymore that would jeapordize my mom taking back all my gifts, like in previous birthdays, because we all know i didn't deserve them.

This birthday was special! Heres the minute by minute replay of the day.

Hayley and I woke up alittle early for a Friday with no classes and went to Kneaders with Kacy Murray, my MTC companion. Unlimited french toast makes you quite happy.

I loved sitting on the couch and talking to Meredith on the phone for an hour. That was a great luxury -- she and i never get those talks anymore like we used to. 1 hr. every single day was what I did freshman year. #blessher

I was bombarded with phone calls and text messages from the siblings -- and I have yet to call of them back, but that day I had to take a Spanish test. Which was a bad idea, because I mentally turned my brain off, and avoided the studying and such.

Hayley surprised me with a cute cardigan (exactly like the one I continuously stole from her closet). Dax, a friend, gave me a soccer jersey that I pleaded for earlier in the semester. Julia sent a cute card with a homemade drawn picture that is quite memorable. The Gardner's gave me homemade Raspberry jam--my absolute favorite! I think I was the highest jam consumer during Thanksgiving, so it was absolutely perfect! Mom and Dad gave me the perfume I've been dreaming about for 3 years and tickets to see "Christmas Around the World" a BYU Folk-Dance Program, and Bronson gave me a 5 lb bag of flour....oh, and a rose. He was nice enough to treat me to dinner and ice-cream, and we watched Belle, a British drama. It was exactly an "Emily" kind of movie. Which he's really nice, because those are usually the only kind of movies we watch. ;)


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