Sunday, December 14, 2014

a list maker -- twenty-nine

i love lists.
its how i can say alot, but without saying much at all.

and since these things are important. . . i'm making a list.

alittle bit about the boy (i like most) and myself : just because its good to take inventories.

1. He is a sucker for a good deal
2. She likes ice cream for breakfast
3. He will schedule everything in life around sporting events
4. She slept in a sleeping bag for 18 months and still prefers it
5. He likes fish eggs on his fro-yo (gag me)
6. She only likes the Jane Austen classics & such movies
7. He cooks better than she does.
8. And she is completely okay with that.
9. He can eat twice as more than her.
10. But she can beat him at basketball.
11. He speaks Portuguese and lived in Brazil.
12. She speaks Spanish and lived in Argentina.
13. They did #11 & 12 at the same time.
14. His mistress is ESPN sports
15. Her's is blogging.
16. He loves music, legos, and building things.
17. She can't wait to hold an 8 course dinner of all cereals.
18. He'll only wear Oakley sunglasses even though she despises it.
19. She basks in playing the violin alone.
20. They are both LDS.
21. She noticed him first when he taught a class in church.
22. He sat by her in church and looked her up on FB immediately after church.
23. When she was little she loved reading books on the trampoline.
24. And he loved trains.
25. He has his hunting license.
26. And she's never shot a gun.
27. He loves dogs--especially Max.
28. She hates them, but is acquiring herself to like them.
29. They are both proud Oregonians that like to have fun.

to be continued....

^^^ Astoria, Oregon : Thanksgiving 2014 ^^^ 

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