Saturday, December 13, 2014

the thanksgiving of 2014

i'm completely aware i've taken a blogging hiatus. just like i took a grading papers hiatus, and school, and social life, and running hiatus.

now, we're back to the rolodex of life.

short version of my thanksgiving break : absolutely fantastic even despite the 33 hour car ride!

long version of my thanksgiving break: but lets back up alittle bit, shall we?

there was this one day in September, my first Saturday in provo to be exact. I decided to go play volleyball with the ward. i'm glad i did. as a few of us walked home, I happened to remember Bronson was from Oregon. So I said, "hey are you going home to Oregon for thanksgiving?" luckily, he said yes. Being curious, he asked, "Why do you ask?" I shrugged my shoulders nonchanelantely, and said, "oh, i'm just always looking for rides back to Oregon, thats all." I basically skipped back to my apt. completely content. What Bronson didn't tell me then, was that when I asked that question, he thought to himself, "I wonder if it'll be more than just a ride home to Oregon."

Well, he was right.

All smiles because it was beginning of the trip!
We arrived in Gresham on Monday afternoon, just an hour before a flock of family arrived for a great family dinner. Bronson was probably interegated with question after question, we had a nice FHE program, and games. Tuesday, we shopped. Because, who doesn't love their mom's credit card, but with your name on it.

Our wisest decision: My mom told us to treat ourselves to lunch, so we went to Del Taco, for their Taco Tuesday deal. Who knew you could feed 2 adults for just $2.58. #nosalestax

Does that just scream : COMFY. 
Then, partly my doing, I insisted we do the Christmas decorations. Then we ate a gourmet dinner with mom & dad, and because we don't believe in honoring child labor laws in the Lewis household, we set up an organizer/shelf downstairs. I told him to call me "Handy Mandy," because thats what I was.

We finally got to treat ourselves to ice-cream, a movie, and the hot tub. #livingthedream

Wednesday, we packed up, as I tearfully said goodbye to home, and we went to the most beautiful place, a place I didn't know really existed! Astoria. The Gardner's are experienced at showing the finest parts of Astoria, we saw the Astoria Column, and walked along the Columbia River, walking out to piers, and listening to the wailing sea lions.

Well, Isaac, that cute little boy thats sitting on my lap, he requested the picture with Bronson... 

                             I'm ready to go into the tree decorating business. . . okay, yeah right!

Before ....

and after...

On Thanksgiving, we played lots of Tennis Wii (I was officially sore for the following 3 days), Boggle -- thanks to Logan, 14 year old brother, kept me humble, and always tripled my score each round, ate A+ food, walked around the neighborhood with Michelle -- I wish you could just see their neighboorhood, whenever there is a break of trees or houses you get a beautiful view of the Columbia River in full glory. We played basketball, went to the beach so Daymon and Jim could go crabbing, and then to watch Interstellar--a movie that I am still confused about.

The rest of the weekends festivities included : picking out a Christmas tree -- in the rain of course. It just must be part of the Oregonian protocol inside of us. More Wii. More movies, and more good food. I loved being around their Gardner's because they are so relaxed, and still can get so much in to one day. I was impressed.
On top of the Astoria Column

Saturday afternoon, we drove to Gresham, where I got to say goodbye to my mom one more time, and see my two greatest friends Julie and Allie. Even though it was for 5 minutes, it made me extremely happy. Even though I am pretty sure they wanted to see Bronson more than me. We made it to Hermiston before the roads were to icy. What a tender mercy, because as Bronson was driving he was determined to make it to Pendleton, get gas, and then check the weather. I know it was the Spirit and maybe impulse, but he decided to pull over in Hermiston to get gas and food--unknowning that his grandparents were back in town in Hermiston. Luckily, because of that, the roads through the blues were shut down, and so we stayed with his Gardner grandparents that night. (side note: he's got the funniest grandma. I really like her).

Reunited! Julie and Allie are the truest friends!

Cyraus, Oregon 
Now we are back in Provo, and I feel like time is running through my hands like sand. I can't keep caught up! Gulp, I need to cleaning checks before I go teach my last review session as a TA--i got a job change for next semester, so, be continued.

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  1. Fun to read, Emily. It was nice to meet you and have you join us. Went too fast!


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