Tuesday, June 9, 2015

almost done

i consider it a sin that i have been inside for the last three hours, trying to force myself to study for a Stats test that just really is foreign material to me. Its a beautiful, beautiful, really beautiful day outside, and i'm inside. and most days, i'm inside working at a computer, but at least i'm making money, so it makes up for it.

there are two things that have always frustrated me in life, and that is math--any kind of it, and secondly, when things just don't make sense (lack of answers to questions, math--again, not understanding something). i just hate getting frustrated. its really helped to juxtapose the gospel with that, because it just makes sense, things have worked out, and i feel no frustration about the gospel, so at least that brings me alot of peace.

i've really just been frustrated with this class, and thats about all i'm going to say about that.

i wanted to record this for history, but Bronson has just made everything lately, impossible to not laugh about, its ridiculous.

we'll will be walking, and I'll say, "i'm mad at you!" (with a smile of course), and quickly turns and says, "madly in love with me!". or this morning, i was trying to persuade him about something, and he wouldn't budge, so i just said, "oh you are so difficult!" and  he said, "so difficult to resist, uh huh!" i can't ever keep a straight face--and that is definitely okay.

i'm just so glad Bronson exists, he's making me such a better person, and i love him for it.

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