Thursday, June 11, 2015

Currently Right now

i'm sporting an anne of green gables top knot bun. it makes me old fashioned, but i don't mind.
i've got some weird back pain that makes feel like i'm pregnant, but that's obviously not the case.
i'm wearing shoes a half size too big, but they matched my outfit.
i scored REALLY high on my stats score *cough* like higher than my two previous scores combined. but then realized i forgot to put on deodorant. #fail
my hands turned blue, from sticking them in my jean pockets. their new, so it only makes sense. last time this happened, i almost scheduled a doctors appt i thought i was having some weird blood condition (bahaha).
i ate a big piece of chocolate for lunch. and it was so worth it.
last night bronson and I watched the NCAA track and field championships on the big screen tv, in a study room (yay for modern buildings on campus!), and i thought i almost jeaporized my stats grade because of it, but it would've also been worth it.
there's only a couple more days of school--hallelujah. and best of all...
only 2 more months until I marry Bronson (still can't believe it!).

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