Sunday, June 14, 2015

Red Rock Land

There is one special advantage for dating Bronson--he has family everywhere, and so it just makes traveling 100x easier.

His grandpa and his wife Judy live in St. George, so we took advantage of the Memorial Day weekend to go, and visit them. That was my first time in St. George--and so I've made these two conclusions. First, St. George made me so excited for retirement, but secondly, it also made me fear getting old.

We left Friday afternoon after work, and it went something like this. I met Bronson at the car with all my stuff, and promptly asked, "Did you bring this...?" I replied, "no." So i ran to my apartment, grabbed the necessities, and returned. He asked if I had something else, I said no, and went back again. I did this a total of five times. Oh poor Bronson! I'm more like a child than a mother! He just slapped his hand over his face, uttering, "How did you mom live with you!?" I explained she had a very detailed list of exactly how many pairs of socks and underwear was to be packed, and how many shirts and pants. I don't have my mom or that list with me, but I am beginning to think I should.

We arrived late Friday night, said hello and went to bed. I slept in the guest house, seperate of the home (how cool!). We got up early that morning to run, and Grandpa Moss made delicious pop-up pancakes. I love when other families love that breakfast as much as I do, it makes me feel at home.

Grandpa Moss and Judy have become expert tour guides of St. George, they showed us all the really new expensive houses (can you blame me that i'm excited for retirement!? ;), then we went to Snow Canyon--a beautiful drive of lots of red rock! Bronson and I jumped out of the car to do a hike, it wasn't super streneous, because after all, I was wearing gold-studded sandals. We found these lava caves you can climb through, oh how i wish we had more time and better clothing, we've already made trips to go back. The view was spectacular, hiking in southern utah has a beautiful but much different scenery than the pacific northwest, but both are equally beautiful.

After Snow Canyon, we ate delicious pizza, and they couldn't pass by getting ice-cream at the red barn across the street. We went home where we receieved a concert by Judy & Grandpa Moss. Judy played the accordian and Grandpa Moss played the drums. They are talented, and it was SO fun to watch and listen. Judy left to serve in the temple, and we went swimming at their community pool. Grandpa Moss took us to the St. George temple and visitor center, it was beautiful! I was instantly flooded with memories from my Idaho Falls Visitor Center mission. Grandpa Moss shared story after story of his ancestors and what they had done to build the St. George temple. Apparently, at the time they were building it, they ordered paint, and when it arrived, it was this light mint green instead of white, so they sold it to the paint store nearby (and they had plenty of it), so everyone bought the green paint, because it was so cheap, and painted their houses. If you drive around the neighborhoods of the temple, you'll see one house left that is the original green paint.

After a nice beautiful drive through St. George, we came home for dinner. We sat around and talked for the next few hours with them, he showed us a scrapbook Grandma Moss made before she passed away--it was beautiful, and had everything you could want to have to represent your life. Even a few drawings from when you were three years old. I should probably mention, Grandpa Moss is a painter, and is wonderful. Many of his paintings have hung in churches in Provo, and he's been commissioned quite a bit. He is very skilled and talented.

It just so happens that my aunt dantzelle and uncle brad live in the same ward as Grandpa Moss and Judy. So, we went to visit them--although they had just arrived 1 hour earlier from their trip to Georgia. Bless their hearts for letting us come and visit--they were jet lagged and exhausted, but you wouldn't have known, they are just so positive and energetic.

We finished the night by watching Apollo 13--its interesting to go back and watch the movies you did when you were younger--but you didn't understand everything like you do now.

St. George was a sweet trip for us, especially driving in the car and talking. Its always fun to be with Bronson!

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