Thursday, May 21, 2015

future Mrs. Gardner

Bronson Gardner and I are engaged to be married! Just typing that makes me smile.

It was Friday afternoon, and because of the constant down pour of rain that week I asked him last minute to pick me up from work. He could've said no, but he didn't. We came home to do homework--and I'm surprised at how at ease I was (considering I knew we were going to get engaged that night!), and we watched some EPSN documentaries--probably for Bronson's nerves.

I loved everything about the proposal day--because it was low key, sweet, and just us! I asked him what we were doing that night, just to be funny, and he said, "Well, at some point I am going to propose to you so I can relax for the rest of the night."

Around 6:30pm, he picked me up from my apartment, and we went driving around Provo, as to not let me assume where we were going, he would drive to one place, park the car, then say, "nah, not here," we laughed the entire time in the car, because I was convinced he had nothing planned out and would just end up proposing in front of someone's houses. After a few failed guesses of where we were going, Bronson did in fact park in front of someone's house. But we walked across the street to the Provo Temple. We walked around and talked. I was nervous but excited. We were both grinning. We decided to walk behind the temple, he told me to sit down on the bench, and instantly he was on one knee. I didn't have to think about what my answer would be, of course it was YES. Yes again and again. I just didn't answer right away because it was just such a sweet moment--it was beautiful.

I said yes, and then hurried and kissed him. I think that startled him because the ring almost fell. We hugged and talked, and I forgot about the ring until he said something!

After he finally asked, he then spent time expressing his feelings, and just everything that has happened during our courtship. Of course I cried a lot at everything he said, and how I felt. It was just surreal and lovely.

If anyone knows our story, it hasn't been easy for us. We've worked through a lot of hard patches together, and experienced more fun than I have ever had.

How I met Bronson might be for another blog post--because there is just so much to share, but I didn't realize how much my life would turn and change because I met him. He instantly made me want to be a better person. I give credit to HIM for all my grades, for my running successes, for my changed attitudes, he influences everything about me for the better. I so love him. I love him for who he has helped me to become. And I love him even more, because he loves helping me reach my potential. I've always heard people talking about "reaching their potential" before, but it finally makes sense to me, after being with Bronson.

Over time I have grown to love Bronson more and more for just who he is--and why he is the way he is. (he's so cute). Yet, there was a point in our relationship that I realized I could lose him for forever.  That made the greatest turning point in my life, and I realized then how much I really want to be with him forever. I never want to face that reality again. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that allows families to be made eternal through promises we make with Him. It makes me tear up every time I think about the fact that I get to be with Bronson for forever.

 At the Temple, where he proposed! Now going to the Provo temple becomes sweeter and sweeter!
And look at that ring--it was out of his price range and budget, but he knew its what I loved and wanted, and he wanted to get that for me. (Its my 17-cow wife ring! and I LOVE wearing it every day!)

After we sat on the Temple bench and talked, we both looked at each other and said, "i'm starving." He took me to The Old Spaghetti factory--a family favorite of his--and it was a very special occasion so it was fitting. I had never been there before, but after a few bites understood why it was so so so busy. We got there around 8, and was told it'd be a 40 minute wait. It was only ten and worth it. Periodically throughout dinner, we'd look up at each other with this stare of "what just happened!" but super exciting at the same time.

It was pretty hard to avoid attention that night--from my future cousin jumping up and down and squealing, and roommates awing at the ring, and talking to my future aunt before my own mother! But it was so fun to spend time like that with everyone.

After things calmed down, we watched Charly, and I bawled through the last hour of it. I told him he can't get cancer.

Looking back, it was a tender mercy that it stopped raining that day. It had been raining all week previous, and now all week after. It was Friday with clear blue skies, even though predicted thunderstorms and rain. I believe Heavenly Father has had in His hands in our relationship from the very beginning--otherwise I wouldn't have met Bronson.

Choosing him was and is my favorite choice I've made in life so far!

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  1. Looking at those pictures, you two are definitely in love! All smiles. So glad you got to write all of that down. You're getting married!! AH!


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