Sunday, May 31, 2015

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Lets rewind until pre-engagement! Bronson and I have plenty to talk about before then.

[Finished Winter Semester -- Trip to Oregon]  

Be prepared for a bunch of selfies...after all its just the two of us. 

This semester we took New Testament together, from Professor Griffin--who i actually work for. We made sure we didn't sit by each other, but we finished together. We won't say who did better ;)

When we made it to Oregon, the next day we went to Seaside. I've actually never been to seaside before, it was too rainy, cold, and windy to actually play on the beach, but later that week we went to Sunset Beach with Logan and got our fill of beach play. We went to pig-n-pancakes (a first time as well), and spent too many hours shopping. One thing I've learned about becoming a Gardner is the need to love Eddie Bauer. Needless to say, I always walk out with some thing bought. 

Best Older Brother! He'll play scrabble with him, take him to Taco Bell, and play on the beach with him. Just a side note: Logan is alittle more than half our age, but kicks our butt at Scrabble, and this throwing game. For real though. 

[Being with Friends in Portland] 

The cool thing is when I go home I still have friends that want to see me. [Julie and Allie.] This is about a every 6 month occurance. But these two are the most solid individuals I still know in Gresham. I love everything about them. They are eager to listen (definitely not my forte), and so freely give advice.
They teach me about everything : pop culture, relationships, love of God, and where to find really yummy places to eat in portland. they also will be my bridesmaids which just makes me so thrilled.

This was probably 1,000 calorie piece of cake, but SO beyond worth it. 

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  1. love that I made it on the blog. that was some delicious Haydns.


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