Wednesday, April 29, 2015

the magic bullet

there are two things i love : sweets and meats. i blame the first on growing up with my grandma lewis's blood, who never lived a day without chocolate. only make sense right? and then i blame the latter on serving a mission in argentina, where i ate meat at every meal.

the beautiful part of being in a sisterhood is the participation of a mix of recipe sharing, mothering ideas, house tips and most of all counsel.

lately, the biggest trend for my sisters have been paleo-diets. which is really just a fancy word for saying they cut out everything I enjoy most from my food consumption--so i've yet to join their healthy endevors but i so commend them for it.

however, i might've been slightly persuaded to rethink my eating habits because of some vegan & gluten free cookies she made. thats because they were that good. and then later that night another sister made meatless meatballs, which originally, I thought was a sin, but it was actually....gulp....realllly good.

So tonight, in honor of completing my first day of work at my new job, i made homemade vegan gluten free cookies---and the best part---i made it in a magic bullet! no college student would even think of having a bosch, and it appeared that not a single resident in my complex had a hand mixer, and because i am far to lazy to beat by hand, i used the magic bullet. you could almost say it was magic that it worked.

my cookies don't look nearly as appetizing as the ones from the recipe, so i'll spare you--but they were : delicious. ask my roommates.

i really took this picture for two reasons. i made it successfully through a day at my new job--and didn't even quit! secondly, provo was just really beautiful today--and that was a mood booster.

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  1. Good for you emily! Glad you liked the food. Magic bullet. .. who knew? FYI I actually don't follow the paleo diet or gluten free diets. Just choose plant based options whenever I can.


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