Saturday, April 11, 2015

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LDS General Conference 

there are two weekends of the year I love most and neither are my birthday or Christmas. 
I love that for the past several years I've been able to attend two sessions each year, this is how I will always remember general conference. One day Bronson and I walked to school and shared with each other our favorite Conference memories we have. I remember when I was 10, my parents made an exception to take me instead of when I was 12, and I remember where we were sitting, what I was wearing, and the most defining feeling, when President Hinckley walked through those wooden doors. I instantly knew that He was a prophet of God. And I feel that overtime about President Monson. I love it more each time I go. This year, I got to sit with the Gardner Family and spend Saturday with them! They fed me so well, let me intrude on family time, and shop with Michelle and Jessica. Sunday, Bronson and I enjoyed an Easter dinner by the Johns Family (how do they always make the best food?) and an Easter program. Weekends like these, shouldn't ever end. 

Mom's 63rd Birthday! 

Another great part of April Conferences, is we always get to celebrate mom's birthday, and it is a day to be celebrated. Mom would never selfishly seek attention of her own--but she is a stalwart lady. 
Despite her several physical/health challenges, she serves dad faithfully as a Stake presidents wife, a weekly Temple worker, and weekly temple patron, mother of 9, grandmother to 23, and sister to everyone. One of the cool things about my mom is that she makes being a "mom" her full-time job. Theres a lot of things my mom can't do, and couldn't do growing up, but that never hindered us from having a strong relationship. It was dad we played basketball with, but it was mom who read to us, cuddled with us, and made dinner for us (oh and so much more). 

I'm still working on my mom's birthday card, but I would tell her : thank you for every single day. Every email she wrote me on my mission. Every breakfast, sack lunch, and dinner. For attending every violin lesson, and orchestra rehearsal, for driving me to every piano lesson. For ignoring my messy room, and unmade bed, and still doing my laundry. Its impossible not to love my mother for all she's done. "I love her, because she first loved us." 

I am more excited for the Resurrection for my mother, than I am for myself. I can't wait for my mother to experience one day without pain. For this reason and more, I am grateful for God's perfect plan for His children. 

Other Really Unimportant Events: 

 Someone's boyfriend (clarification: not mine), decided to put dish soap in the dishwater instead of detergent. #icleaneditup #men

Secondly, one day, Bronson and I matched, unintentionally of course. Obviously, need to work on my sefie skills.

There was the one time where I spent more time with my roommates in one week than I had all semester, and it was so fun. I realized I need to spend more time with them, not for them, but for me! They made me feel so much happier this week. #reallygoodfriends

And then way back in February, Bronson and I attended the "Second Chance Dance." Luckily, we got to go together instead of find each other there. Costa Vida was catered, and I ate to my hearts-but-not-stomachs-content. (imagine: I felt so full, as if i was pregnant, that Bronson and I had to walk around the building a few times, I couldn't handle it!) Luckily, Jessica was there to help us with our rusty dance moves--considering it was my first dance post-mission.

thats it folks.
I have 2 days left of classes. And only my 3 hardest finals are scheduled within a 24 hour period, on the FIRST days of finals. whoever did final scheduling really failed in that category.

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  1. You did it! You made me cry again. Thanks for this beautiful post. I'm so grateful you love General conference, as I do too. I'm so grateful to be your Mom. It's a joy to be blessed with such great kids, and grandchildren. Cute pictures of the two of you together. You've had many fun times over the last couple of semesters. All the best on your finals this week! Sounds so tough!


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