Saturday, April 18, 2015


guys, i'm experiencing a dream right now.

let me explain. for the first time this semester, i can do whatever i want right now. i just completed my last 300-level final. remember how i said all three were schedule back to back. well its done and over now. just 2 easy ones to go. the world is rocking right now.

along with that, BYU mens volleyball beat the #1 team in the nation last night, Hawaii. And i was there. Bronson was too.

after that, he wanted to celebrate the end of the semester (and that I actually got really good grades), he said i could pick between olive garden and mooyahs (texan style burgers, fries, and shakes). So naturally i picked mooyahs. it was so good. realllllly good. but with our budget, we probably won't ever eat there again. bronson spoils me too well.

^^ do you believe me now? ^^

i just want to say this one thing, so i can always remember Bronson's kindness to me. it was the day of the snowstorm, and our first day of no classes, but he took the time that morning to take me to the store to get some medication, and then took me to my job interview, i told him to leave, but he insisted on waiting for me, so i wouldn't have to walk in the snow, in a skirt. what we thought would be a ten minute interview really become a 50 minute interview, and he waited the entire time. well, it took so long because i got the job on the spot. needless to say, he's treated me so well, and I am grateful for him.

and 99.7% of the time, Bronson is guaranteed to make me laugh. it rocks.

in just a few short days i'll be able to go back to Oregon - and then begin Spring term. (ahh..)

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