Saturday, March 14, 2015

this young man

put your hands together for the cutest boy ever. 
i know this isn't his ideal form of attention. but you have to know a few things about Bronson. 
(oh gosh, I still can't get over how cute he was...and still is! #cheesybutdon'tcare)

-- He got a solid A on his Poli Sci test. 
-- He got a tuition scholarship!
-- He's so nice - he's walking to the gym after work so I won't have to work out alone
-- He came to the library to study with me 
-- Every run, I plea mid way through to shorten the run, and he's good about making me keep going
-- He'll make dinner when I am behind on school and work, he manages to do 100% home teaching, when he scratches my back he'll read ESPN updates, he shares his mom's homemade jam with me, share all his food with me, comes by my apt every morning to walk to school, he'll be just as happy or more when i do well on a test, he's very mindful to help me stick to a budget, he's answered every computer question I have, he cares a lot about his sister Jessica, he beats me a lot at scrabble, he makes every potential sad moment into a laughing one, he gives complements when I don't expect them, he lives to have fun. 
- Oh but he does so much more than this. One of the reasons I love Bronson most is for the person he's helped me to grow and be. I feel much more "more". Much more confident in myself, much more happy about life, much more diligent about my school and work, much more daring to be athletic, much more punctual, much more spiritually sensitive, much more everything. 
He's helped me to be more of everything I can be. 
Isn't that so wonderful that people in our lives can motivate us to do so much more good?


  1. haha the comment about him scratching your back while giving you espn updates! That's hilarious. Must be a sign of true love.

  2. Lots of good reasons to love Bronson. I'm glad he has come into your life and made someone as awesome as you, even better. What a great guy!


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