Friday, February 27, 2015

almost finished

in approximately nine hours, my weekend will begin.

over the course of this week i've felt my spine curl forwards, barely able to stand up straight with the stress and deadlines.

you probably rolled your eyes already. and i should probably stop now because blog posts aren't really suppose to be a comparisons of 'who's lifer is harder than mine,' type of show.

this week has been opposite than last. and Bronson is on his last thread too.
i had midterms on Tuesday and Thursday, with a major research project due Wednesday for my work professors, and the intensity of homework never lightened up this week either.

Bronson took a three midterms in a row, and worked, and did homework, and still did more than me I am sure. #naturalhardworker

our exhaustion level has reached an all time low!
and i can prove it : i stood at the automatic towel dispenser, waving my hand back and forth at least ten times, until i finally realized it was just empty. or another time when i went to wash my hands, i placed my hands in the sink, waiting for the automatic water - it never came - oh, right, these are manual sinks. or when i mentioned something to Bronson and he completely agreed with me and i didn't even seem to care or notice (probably along the lines that i was fat and ugly), we were both incoherent for anything to affect us.  this reminds me when i was SO tired on my mission, my companion and i had conducted back to back exchanges with some sisters - 1 exchange can be enough of an emotional roller coaster - but two - especially this one, i already felt exhausted before i got there, because I knew the situation I was going in to. anyways, moral of the story, we were in the taxi, and riding to our next destination. he was a big man who liked to talk, we asked him questions and got to know him. I went to ask him, "how long have you been a taxi driver?" and instead of saying that, i said very tiredly, " long have you been inactive from the church?" That woke me up, but either i spoke so bad, or he was deaf, and he just kept talking like no big deal. my companion and i looked at each and doubled over with laughter.

in other news, i got a free almond milk at the store, and it snowed yesterday. and my roommate got engaged (oh no...bridezilla, here we come). and Bronson and I took the same midterm at the same time, and got the same score (or just about anyways..). so people, there are things to be excited about in this world!

okay, i've completely exhausted any ideas about anything interesting to write about.

basically, moral of the story : i so need the weekend/break. amen.

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