Thursday, February 19, 2015

daily dose

I 've had every intention of writing.
I sit down, and then immediately remember something else i should do.
Well, its that case again, but instead i'm ignoring it.

tonight, bronson and i went to the last BYU basketball home game. i'm quite a different fan. Freshman year, I went to the occasional football game, but never stepped foot in the marriot center for basketball, i was too shy. Now, i can say i went to every football, basketball, and volleyball, or the except of one for each sport. #boyfriends

i'll shut up, because pictures are more fun to look at anyways. (warning: lots of love alert)

Feb - 19 - 2015 : Last home basketball game. We held the tinder sign. If you are older than 30 you "tinder" means nothing to you, but basically its some nifty app for you to find singles in your area, and go on dates with them. Luckily, BYU sports helped us fall in love, rather than tinder. 

Feb - 18 - 2015

Jessica's (Bronson's sister) ward had a tubbing activity at Soliders Hallow. We obviously didn't pass it up. Even if it does mean we are running on a substantial less amount of sleep.
I should probably also mention, we got a second refridgerator, and a fair-weather-roommate moved out, got one of the highest test scores in the class, got new shoes. whats not to be happy about?

Feb - 14 - 2015 

Valentines Day with Bronson. 
He has a pure heart. 
He painted my nails--with new polish he bought, a white rose, and chocolates (He really knows me)
Not to mention, he ate crepes with me before his test, allowed sporadic visits for talking, took his sister out for fro-yo, took me to the basketball game, firehouse subs, AND Big Hero 6. 
We could've done everything or nothing, its just spending time with HIM. 
Okay, i'm off the sap train. 

Mission companions, are also life companions. Hermana Murray surprised me 
with DELICIOUS cookies. 

Feb - 7 - 2015 

Date with Jessica, Cecily, and Clayton to eat yummmmmmy nachos and watch Divine Comedy.

Feb - 8 - 2015

And of course, the picture that made us famous and win : BYUs cutest couple. 
Thanks for being a champion and voting for us. 

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