Thursday, February 12, 2015


i wrote this really long detail monologue of how difficult it was for me to make and eat breakfast this morning. but after reading it, i just became more depressed myself. so i'm sparing you.

but it went something like this : no clean utensils, broken dishwasher, no clean bowls, no usable-dishes because of a roommate that hates us so she contrabands her dishes, cups, bowls, pots everything. so... i'm left with a dirty knife and every last remaining seed of my raspberry jam. 

in order words. i'm on the easy end of school right now, i just finished two major tests, and Bronson is in the thick of two tests. 

Some GOOD things that have happened, unlike my breakfast this morning. (post note: I just realized this is a very detailed un-exciting post of a minute-by-minute replay of my weekend, feel free to read if you're completely bored)

+ Friday night : we went to subway (thanks to Grandma Gardner's perpetual gift cards), the mens volleyball game - apparently had major screen time and we didn't even know it. ran into Jessica and her date, then went to the dollar theatre and cold stone (because of sweet coupons). we've vowed never to eat at Coldstone again. Its just too rich, unless we split a baby cone -- which they don't have. 

+ Saturday : we spent more time in silence together than talking (i think...). We sat in the library in the same place from 10am-5pm. Somehow we left still feeling unproductive with life - because we hadn't been outside at all. Then we walked around Shopko's going out of business sale, and then went to get Nacho's -- but i mean NACHO's at El Azteco. We got front row seats at Divine Comedy. It was fun to go with Jessica (she's really the coolest 5th wheel--and thats hard to do), Clayton and Cecily. 

+ Sunday : We went to dinner at Clayton's house -- we were fed the best Cafe Rio -- and then came home and indexed.. nothing too different there. 

+ Monday : I went into high stress mode with my Theory/Philosophy Test. That stuff just isn't my cup of tea--but I feel with more engagement in the material I could actually like it. 
I was in charge of FHE and did "minute-to-win-it." #superfun. 

+ Tuesday : I tried cooking at Bronson's apt. and made the fire alarm go off. I'm still learning. We listened to a fantastic devotional -- actually my favorite of this school year so far. Check it out. And we ran 4.02 miles. Thats the farthest I've ran ever in my life, is that so embarrassing to say. 

+ Wednesday : well, was wednesday, and i'm glad its over. 

+ Thursday : yet to be determined. 

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