Thursday, February 5, 2015

completely fine by me

i'm sliding off my revolving chair in the library because i can't stay awake so i'll pause mid-work and write something just to wake me up.

to be quick, Bronson and I have done so many fun things lately, i just a) stop taking pictures b) forget what day everything happens because it all mushed together.

sigh, its hard guys, to be the world's coolest couple, *hair flip*.

 + we went to a basketball game, and I almost won an instagram contest, but DID win a free t-shirts. it was like one of the right times, right place, kinda moments. I guess my ripping bouquets out of peoples hands at weddings skills really paid off ;). it was kinda like that.

+ we went to Cafe Rio (its always a good date when we go to the cafe), and we ran into Scott and Cathy Hansen and Elise (my sister in law, Janelle's family), Elise is my childhood best friend, so it was so cool to see all of them, and the Hansen's before they entered the MTC. We are really good about having this tender mercy restaurant moments. i'm not complaining. See here for other.
then we made a quick run later that night to Cold Stone, because our double date fell through.

+ Saturday we were finally able to do a session. it was beautiful, and i was reminded of all the reasons why I love God and the temple. Bronson humored me and took me to the Provo Bakery--i had heard too many reviews about it, I was itching to try it. We almost went into cardiac arrest but--totally worth it.

Later that day we had a Ward Sports Day - super fun - until Bronson gave me a black eye - sorta. That night we got pizza with my roommates and I stayed home and did homework and he had a bro-sista-date with Jessica at the game. We went apt hunting for the a usable hot-tub. We were trespassers, but it was fun anyways.

+ Fast Sunday : besides Break the Fast, we honed the indexing skills and watched segments of the Super Bowl here and there (okay, the last 3 minutes), and made some delicious 88 cent pumpkin bars. Its been Bronson's best purchase thus far.

+ After the weekend, everything becomes a little more routine. School. Studying. Grocery shopping. Dinners. More studying. Finding free food at sporting events. We even made it to a mid-week date to the Nickel Arcade that our ward put on. Even though I was dying for this test I had this morning, we couldn't pass up free admission and nickels. Can you blame us? My justification was that I wasn't going to be on my death bed wishing I got a better grade on this test.

+ Okay, I think I'm awake now, and fully content that I've updated my life for the past week. Just so I don't forget in 5 years  next week. 

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