Friday, January 30, 2015

a cup of em

if you highly sensitive to sappy things, you might want to click out of your browser now.

i really don't have a major reason to write this, no birthday, valentines day, special anniversary, nope, and thats okay, I don't have to.

its just a necessary blog post about someone special.

i just want to remember how fun life has been as a 21-22 year old with my best buddy, Bronson.
 See what i mean?

and believe me this is not idol worshipping here, I just feel the need to do some public appreciation for this guy, something i've failed to do. and besides, he is the only one that reads this blog anyways...

1. Bronson's making me a better person. In a lot of ways. He encouraged me this week to start working more hours, and then has asked me about my accountability every single day. He's helped me do it! He stayed late with me on campus on wednesday and made me dinner on thursday after he worked knowing I needed more time to get things done. He's also been my knuckle-cracking patrol officer, he stops me immediately--I need to break this habit! He's helped me to exercise. Every time we run, I can tell he is itching to go faster and farther, and I tell him to, but he won't. He's a pretty good coach. And... he's being my role model for doing hw and getting good grades. I do so much better studying with him, because otherwise I have tendency to just talk to my roommates. Doesn't he rock or what?

2. Something Bronson is really good at it listening and talking. I lack on the listening and make up for in the talking...well...which isn't always a good thing. If I had to choose activities to do with bronson, I would choose talking over all of them. He talks to me a lot and about a lot of things. One thing in particular is, whenever we've had some disagreements or issues, he never (wait, emphasis on never) raises his voice, or becomes irritable, he is super (emphasis on super), logical about everything. Everything always makes sense afterwards. 

3. I'm learning to appreciate one of Bronson's greater attributes. Doing things slowly, but correctly. 
And that goes for everything. Every homework assignment, test, decision, products he's buying on line, and even how much air he pumps in the tires. I generally like to do something quickly and be done, he's teaching me about patience and doing things right--even if it takes longer. 

3. Lastly, he is just a cute fun goofy guy. He loves to have fun--i think thats his big life motto, and he wants others to have fun too. I remember seeing him teach Sunday School and think, "dang it, i have to get to know him," but felt there was no way he would even bat an eye at me. He loves sports and knows more facts about them and athletes then....maybe 7 brains put together. He loves music, technology, and food. And did I mention he's a better cook than me? 

Bronson really isn't the average guy. First and foremost, because he's stayed with me for this long! (applause). He really is consistent in all he does. And he works so hard at doing all that is right. He likes to be right, but is quick to apologize when necessary. He loves the gospel and is so good about always have a dedicated scripture study before school each day. So, whats not to love about Bronson?
Not much.  I sure like this guy. a lot. Muah. 


  1. Such a great guy. Thanks, Bronson, for keeping Emily focused on doing all the right things. She's pretty good at it, too, but you bring that added motivation. :)

  2. What a lovely post, Emily! I can see why you've grown to really like this guy! It sounds like he has many great attributes to learn from and admire. And sista, can you teach me how to take a "selfie" always look so good in them! I always look like I can't find where the camera is! :)

  3. PS How are those 2015 ambitions coming along?


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