Friday, January 30, 2015

hurrah for israel

this happened. two years ago i left started my mission to Argentina / Idaho. 
now looking back, i think, how could i and how could i not get on that plane to leave everything that was familiar, easy, and good, especially my family to be so far, distant, and separated but doing that which is the most important work of all-- missionary work. 

i'm so glad the spirit prompted me one day to make a decision that affected me eternally. 

this was the one picture i have on my desktop so it will suffice for now, since i don't really have time to unearth the 800+ photos. You can just know that there is a black cat in my bag, it ran inside the church as we were walking out...don't worry, I got him out.

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  1. We're grateful you made that great decision to serve...and you did so, faithfully. Funny about the cat in your bag, you can hardly see him.


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