Thursday, January 22, 2015

as of lately

 On MLK day, Bronson and I were able to participate in a Community Outreach Day, where BYU teamed up with UVU and helped tons of service projects on and off campus. I signed up for making coloring books for kids, but then we found the booth for making dog toys, so you can probably guess what we ended up doing. It was so much more fun than I expected (isn't that how service always is), and we both felt we should carve out more time in our lives to participate in service organizations, especially because of the influence of his cousin, Ashleigh, and my grandma Lewis, both who have passed away, but who's live were filled with constant service.

I have no idea why we looked so air-brush, thats weird. But mini-golfing was super fun, because, it was so cold that some of the tubes and passage ways for the balls were frozen so the golf balls got stuck to often and Bronson was a gent to get them out (oh wait that was me). 

It was a fun way to celebrate "dating" for 4 months! When we went to the desk to redeem my Pass of all Passes, so we could golf and do other activities for free, they offered to give us the married discount...until we told them that wasn't the case. 

Oh...and Bronson is on this Cake-kick. He averages 2 per week. I still don't know why...but okay. 

 I've had too many funny conversations with Bronson lately, and I am ashamed I haven't written them down. But after 120ish days together, we still laugh. a lot.

B: "I was going to make a turkey sandwich but I realized my mayonnaise expired."
E: "when did it expire?"
B: "two days ago."
E: Put hands in face, "haha, its still fine to eat."
B: "Yeah, i'll have to ask my mom."

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  1. Fun times are always in store for you two. So neat about the service project.


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