Wednesday, March 18, 2015

on this day of joy and gladness

my nose got sunburnt. does that mean we are finally in the thick of spring, and out of the woods of winter. hooorray.

meanwhile, we did celebrate beautiful weather on sunday. my sweet roommate decided she wanted to take advantage of a) the sun b) a new camera lens c) our beautiful faces.

i always thought it was the camera that made someone look beautiful, but i was wrong, its definitely the photographer. doesn't she do magic? check out
in the mean time, that realllllllllllllly awful week where your four classes for your major had everything due in the exact same week became insanity. but its over now. we recuperated this weekend, by still studying, watching "We Bought A Zoo," (highly recommend it), and doing temple baptisms with Jessica for my family names (that was a first!).

in other sorts of life, i've always had this dream of being a runner--but just never had the help to start. Bronson is a runner, therefore, i've slowly evolved into becoming one too. he's the best running buddy! its been so therapeutic. i've love pounding out problems on pavement. i'm ready to write a book about how its more effective than ice-cream. but i'm sure 50 already exist.

sadder news though, byu basketball lost last night--and therefore lost their ticket into playing in the NCAA tournament. bronson and i are both bummed, but relieved, since it won't be such a strain on homework time. now what sports events are we going to go to now?

have i mentioned how much i love living life with bronson? well, i just said it again in case we forgot.

fun fact : jocelyn williams was born. on march 9th. she is perfect height and weight, and has the optimum kissing checks. sadly, she'll probably be grown up by the time i meet her, just like her brother Hudson, who was born days after I entered the MTC.

and while i'm at it, avoiding my homework, i might as well post a few more pictures:
bronson said his lips were sore after we took this picture, well, no wonder.
and then he treated me to a shamrock shake on st. patricks day. #lucky

meet the newborns : 

baby jocelyn | march 9 | meredith & bryan  

baby gwendolyn | february 8 | dallin & janelle 

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