Sunday, November 2, 2014

photo overdose and memorable moments

well, i got at least pretty close documenting daily this past week.
but i've come to the conclusion, that even if i don't blog or Instagram about still happened and fun memories were made.

Becca home from Germany mission, and Mckenzie pregnant, and me...well yeah. 
for the history books: this is the best no bake cookie i've ever ate, and Bronson and I went to Logan, Utah for a Smith Family Halloween party.  Grandma Julia hosts one every year at her Home-community-retirmement-place. I loved seeing everyone after nearly 3 years. Most cousins had more children than I remembered, or were expecting, or even now wedded!

Before returning back to Provo (oh that dreadful moment.) We checked out Uncle Roger's expercom Apple Store. #awesome. Then we stopped by the most beautiful place! The Logan Temple. The last time I had been was for my grandpa's wedding--back in 2002 or so. Its also so special to me because my mom and dad were married and sealed there. Meaning I can be with my family forever, after we die. (Learn more here).

I am so grateful Bronson put up with my huge request. The only way I knew how to say thank you appropriately was through a nice Root Beer float milkshake. Oh those things make me gag, but he sure likes them, and so i'd easily buy 10 to say thank you sufficiently. We spent 4 hours in the car with each other and 2 hours in Logan, and afterwards we didn't get sick of each other--thats really good. :)

Other fun events: Our ward rented a great cabin up the Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville, for an overnight (read: all night) party. We ate well, enjoyed the 'man-made' creek and lake, and played volleyball and pool until 3 in the morning. The next day. I fell asleep sitting up straight multiple times. After running errands and ice-cream for dinner, we opted not to go to the Homecoming game...and watched "Saving Mr. Banks." Which probably gave us so much motivation and energy to then run to the stadium at 11pm to catch the last quarter of the game.

I forgot to mention that sometimes...we like to be culturalfied. (culturaled and edified together). We got to go to the BYU Homecoming Spectacular--a showcase of the dance groups here. It was fantastic! It made me feel like I was a teenager again going to all the ballets and operas my violin teacher made me go to..

Excuse this being a rather unhumorous blog post--but it was more for history sakes than for your entertainment. I am loving my sociology class! And for now I am signed up for 4 next semester. (am i asking for death?!)

Oh...and insert. because of the picture above. We went to Cabellas. Basically a outdoorsmen haven and heaven. I pretended to be interested at first, but then I think I actually really liked it. Its not your average outdoor store. Its way better. I am so glad he gave me the full tour.

Okay. So there is more to tell. And no time. to be continued then.

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to make this road trip together. Sounds like a great weekend! Wonderful you could be with our Smith family.


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