Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Sometimes I just have a moment (picture: ruined mascara, red veined eyes, unsteady breathing...okay, a breakdown). I refer to them as the not so finer moments of my life. I did today. But pieces were put together when a needed sister answered her phone. And an old friend made me laugh and remind me my life isn't that bad after all. I am sure people over the world, would trade their problems for mine. Which is such a good filter for a stormier day. Like today.  

My moment. It may last 2 years. 2 months, or 2 moments, I don't know.  

I think its interesting how some things can totally knot up in  your gut, make you sick, pull you upside down, and then the next just roll off your back. 

Why is that? 

Perhaps our hearts can only handle so much concern at once.  (just like the Argentine's called my stomach a 'baby' stomach, because it couldn't take anything--milk, bread, or meat).

But, then we must need to rotate through the Rolodex of life to learn to cope. Then the next time it rotates, we will be much stronger and durable. Unlike my baby stomach. 

(wow, some analogies i make are just awful). 

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  1. We all have these days, but I couldn't capture my thoughts so well.


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