Friday, October 3, 2014

why tomorrow is just so important

i used to think i was one of a kind.
but life quickly taught me that we all are just alike. we are all the same. and thats okay.

we all carry the same title as mormon. as friends. as family. as Oregonians or Utahans or Americans. or whatever it may be. we are all one.

and so, tomorrow, is special. twice a year, the prophet of God, and apostles, will share with us guidance, counsel, and revelation. they are the ones who have the power and authority to speak for God on the earth.

and i'm going to listen. just like 14 million other Latter-day Saint members. so, why am I so excited about tomorrow then. its just a general meeting. for a general group of people--compiled of many nationalities, languages, ages, states, countries...its for everyone.

but for this very reason, i've stopped attending general conference.

tomorrow, for me, is specific conference.
these ordained men speak to a general audience--but it is the Spirit--a member of the Godhead--that can teach us individually through specific guidance. its our job to get a handle on it, and listen to the specific listen for us, individually, as real people.

so what i'm really trying to say is...
general conference is really everyones specific conference. don't make it general anymore. its for you and me.

<< throwback to October 2012 conference, when my life completely changed!>>

read about that experience here and here . 

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  1. That was a monumental conference. Amazing how much as happened in the last two years.


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