Wednesday, October 8, 2014

let me just explain myself...


do you remember me?
i almost feel like i need to write a formal apology letter in order to repair any damage inflicted on our blog-readers-relationship. (can you tell i'm learning all about relationship stuff...)

i am in this adult-reality-denial mode in which i just want to avoid any and every responsibility.
that would explain why i have the ice-cream cup in one hand, and the chocolate chips in the other.
(in fact, its the ice cream that i had to buy for my roommates for k-i-s....on second thought, i just won't say anything).

blogging and journal writing have been put on the back burner, when in reality, should be one of the most important things i do at that this point in my life. . . but *sigh* i digress, people and homework take priority for my time.

especially one boy. now, let it be known, i am not one to publicize my relationship status or shout  in your face a million pictures of me + significant other on facebook. thats not really my thing.
so. . . i'll just share in this tiny nook my little secret life.

see that guy in the suit who isn't not my dad, and not my brother-in-law. yeah, thats him. well, don't tell him i told you this, but i think i really like him. actually, so much i decided i wouldn't go on any dates with guys, so i could just be with him. while the society says we are dating, i say we are courting, because any time you use an old-fashion word it just ... is quite cuter.

somethings that Bronson and I do best: 

-BYU sport game appearances 
-eating pizza for lunch and dinner
-watching studio C instead of homework
-killing our cell phone batteries because of texting
-walking each other to class
-slightly insulting each other (thats how we became friends in the first place)
-and my personal favorite: laughing alot. 

pinch yourself just incase this post got tooo cheesy for you. i'll just go ahead and shut up. one of these days, i'll really update the other half of my life. but, this is for you, all your lurking blogosphere readers. . . this is whats up. 

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  1. So happy and excited for you Ems! He looks like a great guy. Can't wait to meet him. ;)


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