Friday, October 10, 2014

being an embarrassment to society. . . is what i'm just naturally good at

i'm at the provo library again. its a friday afternoon.
and i can see and feel the greese from thousands of fingers that i have played on this keyboard.
i look to my left and right, both grown men look like they might've been released from the state prison, so i slide my backpack underneath my feet.

speaking of feet. in just the course of today, they might've contracted more diseases than in all my time in argentina. considering, i've kicked off my krispy kicks (thats the word for shoes in ghetto), not just once but three times today.

unfortunately, making a fool of myself is something i am getting really good at. like, remember when i sat in a garabage can in argentina. or how i was sitting at a computer for over an hour listening to music--through my headphones, or so i thought--when really it was just coming out of the computer. well, today, i added to the books.

BYU tells me they will kick me out if i don't get my tuberculosis shot, so since i didn't have a choice, i took the plunge. i set up my appt. and left campus way to late to get there on time. so once i left the byu premises, i picked up a shoe off each foot, strapped my backpack and ran. i took pride as a ran past the mother pushing her child in a stroller, and ran up the entire 9th east. #hard.
i was feeling quite proud, until my pride went lower than the sewer system in all of provo, when i see that mom, trailing behind me all of 10 yards. you are kidding me.

but things got better when i walked into the immunizations, and found hermana whitney brown drinking out of a juice box after getting her shot done too. i yelled, "oh my gosh!" and the nurse and staff come running around "What happened? Everything okay!?" and i was like..."oh...umm.. yeah, sorry i was just saying hi to my friend."

tthank goodness she gave me a juice box too--that was half of my lunch.
i think i'll take ideas for lunches, considering i ate apple-sauce and cottage cheese mixed.
i'm almost 22, and still eating baby food.

thats cute.

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  1. This is Abbi Mills- that crazy, loud red head from the Idaho Falls Visitor's Center. Anyways, you may or may not remember me but I kind of stalk your blog and think you are adorable! Just so you know :)


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