Tuesday, September 30, 2014

its that last day of September

i have a 10 pm deadline looming over my head.  so i'll make this quick.

i find myself staring at the curvy lines of the fake wood at the provo library.

gasp, i think i found my new 'place.' i already feel inspired by the bound books at my side, and the clear desk before me. sigh, i love libraries. and i'm still wondering how i'll be able to fit one in my home someday. its just one of those basic necessities. every home needs a kitchen, a bathroom, and a library.

tonight, i went venturing back to September 2012 on the blog...and i found my sophomore college-self, living the same life i do today. i just have lived different experiences.

today, marks two months home from Argentina. and you bet i admit shamelessly that i think of Argentina, people, companions, streets, houses, moments, lessons every day. its still my life.

but, i'm in 2014 now. sigh. reality and i are still figuring things out.

on a completely unrelated note, i feel so happy that i was able to teach the women of my church on Sunday. this is the first calling i've ever had in my life--that wasn't a musical calling. we learned about improving our personal prayers.

one, i love the gospel. two, i love people. three, i love learning about the gospel with people. so. teaching let me feel true happiness.

so, when my tests are done, and homework is mostly finished, i'll get around to sharing a new thought or two about prayer. maybe it won't help you get into heaven, but it just makes me love prayer alittle more.

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  1. I'm glad you value libraries. You will always be learning with that love. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on prayer.


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