Friday, September 26, 2014

what i've been up to.

i've been living quite contently in Provo lately.
Luckily, i've been able to do everything with a new friend too.

our most frequent appearances have been on the BYU tv, for sporting events, or the occasional devotional. what can i say, the camera loves me.

but when we aren't on tv, or finding free food on campus, we are usually logging in hours at the library.
it means, Emily is more focused and concentrated and doing better in school, and . . . well, he might just say otherwise. lets be honest, its hard to study next to a cute girl...

there isn't much more to say, than this young gentle-man has made me laugh more, and smile more, and do things I wouldn't normally do. and. . . to be technical, i told him last night, we've made this whole relationship thing last longer than a middle school-juvenile relationship . . . so that means we have succeeded. pound it, Bronson.

<<  he was on NyQuil for this date, and he still beat me at Bowling (mostly because i let him) >>
we like to think BYU beat Oregon, because we were there. 

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