Tuesday, September 23, 2014

that little white cassette

I slam the side of the car stereo as the humming suddenly skips and stop. Since it was such a usual occurrence, it knew my familiar touch. I slam twice, and third time. And the hum begins again.

The walls of my 1997 Mazda at 6:30 in the morning became a sanctuary for me.
It was there, in that tiny space that sparked the beginning of my solid testimony.

I was rummaging around the house for something that would entertain my mind, and more than anything keep me awake, as I made the drive to early morning seminary. In a dusty box, I found a white cassette tape with the word: “Sheri Dew” written on it. I was curious. So the next morning, I popped it in, listened, pondered, then rewound and listened again, and I did that every day for the next month. Yes, I had her talk memorized. I was mesmerized by her words, her examples, her devotion, and her zeal. She was who I wanted to be. She doesn’t even know who I am, yet she impacted me so much.

I gleaned from her words, they became a part of who I was, because they shaped the decisions I made.

To this day, I remember that feeling, that burning where what I heard was penetrating in my heart that this is true.

The spoken word can do so much. It can be a medium for the Holy Ghost to testify to us that this is true. And that is what it has done for me. 

(this was an assignment for my Mormon Lit class)

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  1. Living on the Lord's side of the line. Isn't that the talk? I remember listening to that talk while delivering Reliv to Mom and Dad's customers. Good times.


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