Friday, September 19, 2014

Thank You, Hales.

appropriately and sufficiently expressing love for someone is hard. especially through words.
i feel they will probably fail me right now, but i need a certain someone know that i love them. 

she's tall. but she's also smart. she'll be your best listener, even when she's rushing to work, or school, or is way too tired. in fact, she'll even listen to you when you aren't making coherent sentences anymore because you are so tired. 

most people don't spell her name right...but she doesn't know how to get angry or keep a grudge. 
internally she is full of love, ideas, wisdom, counsel, thoughts, and externally she may be on the quiet side. its not her weakness, but rather her strength. she quietly shows her humility in all things. 

she is my friend. my best friend. 
and i am grateful to her and for her. 

i love you, hales! thanks for letting me be your roommate, and friend, and make me laugh. 
no one else would take me shopping to 3 different places all in one hour, and just make it so fun for me. i really owe you alot. i realized this year won't just can't...because i am your roommate. 
so thank you. 

<---this is hales after her second day working at the junior high. she's legit!

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