Saturday, September 6, 2014

the truth of college

theres two lessons i've learned in my first week back to college.

one, you can't freeze lettuce. (why don't they teach that in class, its more useful than knowing why some mormon guy decided to write a 1939 fiction about the premortal life...okay, well actually, that is interesting.

second, i look down at their hand before their face. the left hand to be exact. (uh...i guess i learned this two years ago too)

i'm taking a variety of classes this semester--doctrines of the gospel, current social problems (sociology 112), speed reading, literature of the LDS, and Spanish for return missionaries.

So when i told someone my schedule, they asked what my major was, and i said, thats what this semester is for. I am doing some exploring.

There are many things I learn on my mission experience. But one, is i can't ever ignore spiritual impressions. Now, I feel spiritual promptings from God, wouldn't come to me because I am not a missionary anymore...but I was Emily then and I still am now. So, Sunday Morning, before anyone was awake, I sat in my bed and thought. I prayed. And i read. It was like instantly the word, "Sociology" came to my head.

I have no other explanation than that. I am doing Sociology because it was a prompting from God. I dont have to have  a reason why...and anything I could say as a reason would just be a lie. The Spirit speaks truth and lieth not, so just listen to it.

And ever since that day, I haven't felt confused or worried. It feels right. And if I begin to question everything over and over again I realize I lack too much faith to question God. So i'll just trust that this is right.

I really love being back in school. Its different for me this time around. And I really love having met so many people before. Its like a reunion everyday with someone, and I guess it makes me appreciate personal relationships. They are really all that matter.

okay, i have a 138 pages to read...peace out.

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  1. haha I love this, the ring finger one is so true. I'm envious of your schedule this semester, your classes sound really interesting. It's nice to have you back Emily, I've missed your blog!


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