Thursday, September 11, 2014

i'll take a hot dog for breakfast, please.

i just love looking at a blank blogpost canvas.

theres something about white that is beautiful. just like this bowl of vanilla greek yogurt that i have in front of me.

okay, can i just catch up alittle bit?

i'll just start talking and you can turn me off whenever.

did you know running is addicting? this semester...rather, these two weeks have proved me to be the stress-runner. some people are stress eaters. i'm a stress-runner. tiffany taught me at the family reunion that she never runs pain-free. i locked that in my memory and won't give myself excuses now. she also taught me the principle of gradual increase pays off. so i wanted to believe her. and i'm trying it out. oh yeah, sorry, this isn't a running blog.

but what i really wanted to say in all of this...and don't close your web browser yet...but lets talk about sociology.

do you realize everything you because society tells you to do it.
for example. what did you eat from breakfast this morning? let me guess...cereal, toast, shakes, pancakes. am i right? now, why did you do that? oh maybe because you've been doing that everyday for the last 20 years of your life, and your parents did that, and thats what you see on all the movies.

but wouldn't eating a hot dog kill you at 5pm just as it would at 5am? So what don't we eat hot dogs for breakfast. (hear me out: i definitely am not a hot-dog advocate... unless they are from j-dawgs)

or. . . better yet, why did you buy a diamond ring? because society tells you that love lasts forever with a diamond. think again.
or because you think its so rare and precious. you are wrong. its the ruby, duh, the Bible tells us that.
back in the 1930's there was such an excess of diamonds that they were about to throw them in the ocean just to keep it at high price and not have a downfall in the economy.

so. well. i thought i was a pretty unique person, but turns out we pretty just follow the social norm.
actually, i could be breaking one right now if you count the fact that i am spreading yogurt on top of my homemade bread.

sociology is in everything we did, and you didn't even realize it.

and totally unrelated note, you should probably enjoy this, because it just so dang cute.
hudson just pulled the cuteness out of the gene pool. what a cutie. 

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