Friday, September 12, 2014

to the ONE i admire most

did i mention that i love my parents?

i do. in fact, i think thats what Nephi and i have most in common, so thats why i started my journal in the same way.

i, emily, have been born of goodly parents...having been taught somewhat in all the learning of my father.

when i think of my mom and dad, i think of them as ONE, as whole, and together. this last month, there was one particular day in that my mom and i had perfect stillness and silence in the house and she began telling me all about mom and dad as newlyweds and dating. i was absolutely fascinated. it was like i was getting to know who my mom and dad were--after all these years. the reason i probably didn't know it before is because mom and dad are so good to always listen and never draw attention to themselves.

but. mom taught me one thing: listen to the spirit. it was the prompting of the Spirit that led her to serve a mission, marry my father, and have one more it was the Spirit that told her to drop out of school to start a family with dad; write her visiting teachee to tell her that she loved her on the day that this sister was going to take her life, and it has been the Spirit that has helped my mom cope with post-polio through all her responsibilities.

my dad has taught me another thing: sacredness of the gospel. it was each morning at 5:30 am that I saw my father kneeling against the couch whispering his morning prayers--there is probably a perfectly indented mark of his elbows on the couch, and knees on the ground. it was the time that he gave me a Fathers school blessing before BYU at 12:30 am, and even changed out of his pajamas to do so. it was the time that he shared with me two of my most memorable experiences that eternally changed my life...setting me apart as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and releasing me as one 18 months later. my father teaches the gospel, with his everyday conversation.

my parents didn't teach me everything they know. and i am so grateful they didn't. for that reason they are in my opinion, the best parents. they knew that "life's best lessons are caught, not taught." meaning, they wanted me to learn for myself, what they already knew.
so, they really did teach me somewhat of all they know.

every business/family is more successful if you live the gospel together and love each other. 
i love my mom and dad. i guess if i had to lay out who i cared for most in my life, it would be them. of course. because they give me so much love. i even feel in provo. i couldn't do all that i do without them. and they have been my greatest friends.

so, mom, dad, i love you. thank you for every-thing. every day. every night. every paper you graded. every day i didn't practice violin and piano. every concert. every hug. every monday morning and weekly mission emails. every book and cent of my tuition. thank you.

before my dad, the humble stake president, released me as a missionary

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  1. What a beautiful tribute, Bubs. Brought me to tears. Mom and Dad are really THE best!


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