Monday, August 25, 2014

Meredith & Arizona

Short Version of this post: we had so much fun, pool, cafe rio, nails, laughs, and Grandma.

Long Version of this post: Friday at 4 am, after having spent the week with the family for the family reunion, I flew to Arizona just to extend my family reunion love alittle more. 

I arrived at 9 am, and when i walked outside it literally took my breath away. it was so hot. 

when i stepped into their car, I knew i was a stranger to Hudson and Christian. thats reasonable with not having seen them for so long. we got home, and then meredith took me to the apple store (she sure loves me) and i got my iphone fixed. that afternoon, i woke up from my nap (did you see that, MY nap, she was so gracious to let me take a nap!) by a little tap on my shoulder, it was Evelyn! 

saturday: we traveled to Kingman to spend time with Grandma Lewis and the Peases. We got a good swim in, (see videos), and dinner, and watching Captain Phillips on a huge screen for Grandma.

That was the first time that I have really had 1 on 1 time with Grandma, and it was edifying. Isnt that awesome. she is 94 years old (in September 2014) and still uplifts, inspires, and does good. I overheard a phone conversation she had with another elderly woman...and all she said was "Beverly, you are just so wonderful not to be happy. Beverly, let them serve you, you are a blessing, etc." She only uplifts.

So being with grandma inspired me to do a few things. 1--Read my Scriptures better. And doing it just because you love to. 2--Treat others better: Interact with people in hopes to uplift, edify, strengthen.
3--Keep a record of my life (hence, the blog). She had 8 volumes of her life history. 8 full large binders, chuck full of pictures, stories, letters, facts, and memories. That is definitely worth doing.

My Time with Meredith :

This was special for me, because Meredith and her 3 kids weren't able to make it to the Oregon Lewis Reunion, and I missed her for so long. I am grateful my mom let me go. Meredith has become a new hero of mine because of the quiet mothering that she does alone. Meredith's husband, Bryan is currently in Medical School, and so that means Meredith is enrolled too. She works just as hard, and its just that stressful too. But Meredith never gave up or never complained saying "get me out of this..." she just does realllly hard things.

And because Bryan loves her so much, they celebrated their 7th Anniversary apart, but he let us go get pedicures...which was so fun. The last time I got a pedicure was with an asian man, so she really made the experience so much better. We swam...even when there was a thunderstorm. She let me buy Tillamook Ice Cream. She took me out to Cafe Rio (gasp!). We went to Kingman. She introduced me to Jim Gaffagen. She took me to gelado snow ice cream....or something. She took me to the Apple store to get my phone fixed. Even when this was "her" time to relax, she just made it the most fun for me. What a sis. She really is the best. Just like all my sisters. Thats why I love them so much.

August 16, 2014 with Grandma Lewis in Kingman, Arizona

 I am officially converted to Pedicures now. uh oh. It was so selfishly nice.


it actually didnt end well, but we enjoyed it for a few seconds..


Meredith is the best mom. She spent an entire afternoon looking at YouTube videos to change the tire of the jogging stroller. #winningmom     While, I on the other hand took selfies with Evelyn

Airport Goodbye. insert : lots of crying on demand by Evelyn

before heading to the Airport, i HAD to drop by and see miss Julianne Koozer, mother of 2.
it had been 2 years. this cousin is just reallly loving. and that actually merediths home. love it.

Arizona....i think i'm going to come back soon. loved it. 


  1. Aww! You are the best! Loved having you here! You forgot to add all the dishes you washed, laundry you folded and kids you watched! :) Thanks Emily!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Glad you got to spend time together!

  3. Even though you told me about your trip, I loved reading about it. Glad you got to spend that time with Meredith and those adorable kids. Meredith is a super hero with all she is doing each day.


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