Friday, August 8, 2014

tell the world i'm coming home...actually i'm home.

can i do that? can i use a cheesy song lyric as my post title. because i just did.

its been surreal being home. i love it. and i didnt know i would love it this much. i already miss aspects of the mission. my biggest weakness right now is living with such unstructured time and no one depending on me. really. if i took a shower or didn't, it wouldnt effect anyone. okay, i probably could have come up with a better example, but you get the point.

my mom and dad have made it so special for me to be home, including all my siblings. it makes me so happy to be with my family. i never knew how important family relationships are...they are just the best and any sacrifice is worth making if it means family relationships are strengthened. sermon over.

july 29, 2014 before entering a session. this temple is perfect--just like all of them. 
  walking in the front door of my home. i love my home. every square inch of it.
 mom and dad love me. they bought me tillamook ice cream to prove it.
 i approve the beach bum lifestyle. #nofilter
 what a real RM room looks like (for the first week...)
 sharing Argentine treasures for the nieces and nephews

lots of cute little kiddies around this house. 
 dejunking all my accomplishments from high school.
and t-man making himself king of the house. 
spending time with friends and the sister missionaries. naturally.

 i probably made someone laugh with my parking. 
its not my fault i've been out of practice for a solid 18 months.

we beach in style

ruby and i.

 ruby and norah (respectively)
my welcoming home balloon. 

 and my mom knows how to put me to work. but its okay, more time spent with her. 
so more fun for me.

So i am home. And you probably only want to know what i am going to do with my life.
good question.
i am pretty much set up to do the 'regular,' go to BYU, get married, have a family, and work in between.
My professor was kind enough to give me my job back this Fall, which I could not be more grateful for. I am so blessed. This is my favorite job and it is going to help me alot get into the CES Seminary Teaching Program (i hope). I'll be working as a Professors Assistant in a Book of Mormon Class to about 500 or so students.

As for my degree....I've already changed my major about 7 times so what would another time or two do. But for now it will be Communications. I just cant think of anything else. But you...knowing me, tell me what you can see me doing. (That'd help!)



  1. I am still glad you're writing. I love it! And I love having you home! Thanks for being such a great missionary and representing all of us so well. Love you!

  2. Great pics! I can hear Norah and Ruby in that picture saying "Chocolate Reliv!" :) Glad you're home!


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