Monday, December 10, 2012

two decades

two decades

Guess what. I've officially lived two decades of life, and i'm pretty sure you and the society are both impressed i've survived this long.

I began writing a very methodical, inspiring, i'm-a-twenty-year-old-now-blog post, of how my life is just like pinterest, and quaint, and perfect, and happy, and so self-fufilling. but after I realized I'd be lying to you, I just decided to cut the garbage. Not to say my life/birthday weren't any of those things, it just didn't sound like me. 

So i really just wanted to share with you the fun part of birthdays. Oh how i love YOU , let me count the ways. Thank you to all who made it such a special day for me, and who have made me a better person each day. 

 My dear sweet cousin Lynette, came over early Wednesday morning (before work) to make breakfast at my apt. She treated me with fabulous pancakes, strawberries, bananas, and chocolate chips (The Gardelli kind). She wrote me such a sweet card, and gave me my favorite kind of chocolate--M&M's.

Hannah was so sweet to remind me what day it was, when I saw written across our large mirror all in sticky notes, "HAPPY B-DAY EMILY".

 I've never felt so loved after taking the Communications Benchmark Exam (2 hour test, writing a news release after watching a press conference--part of the comms. application). I turned on my phone to 6 text messages, 4 voicemails, and 5 FB notification. You know they say to not base your self-esteem on how much people text/call you, but I sure did that day! :)

 I hung out with some of the best people. And when I say hung out, Bree and Hayley indulged in Cafe Rio, and enjoyed our "last supper together," before Bree goes on a mission to Italy in March, and I go to Argentina. Bree and Hayley are from my freshman ward. We only see each other a couple of times a semester, but we always pick up like we never stop talking. Get us together and we can laugh/talk for hours. These are true friends. :)
(except for the part that Hayley sent me a letter in the card the day before, which seriously made my day--it was so sweet, and then Bree didn't even know it was my birthday until someone secretly told her appearantly....but i can say, because I know she never reads my blog ;)
Thanks Hayley!
 Bree and I received our calls on the SAME day, and were ENDOWED the same day. So basically, we got to share the greatest days of our lives, TOGETHER. It was such a special birthday treat to spend my night in the Temple. The Temple reminds me "who's" I am, and "who" I am.

I came home from the Temple, to be surprised by a beautiful cake made by one of my six favorite roommates, Caitlyn. I share a room with her, and i just really love her. She also bought me the most beautiful gold sparkly scarf that she placed on my desk with a sweet sticky note...seriously? Mom, did you pay all my friends to be this great to me? I love you guys!

The other day I was really busy and Hannah was going to the grocery store so she bought a few items for me, she was so kind to label all my food. I didn't see this until my birthday, but how sweet (ha, get it?) is she! She was apologozing for not doing more on my birthday, and honestly, I wanted her to know most that there wasn't anything she could have done more. She already does so much on a daily basis for me, I could never expect anything. Thanks Hannah...truly!

Cousin Harrison McCullough was sweet to bring this large candy bar and a card to the Religion TA office when I was working on my birthday! He was so sweet, he wanted to surprise me, so he found out the professor I work for, asked him where the TA lab was and then came to and surprised me. He is always so thoughtful and generous--what a gentleman! I talked the professor the next day and said, "So my cousin came to ask you where I was yesterday, huh?" And after a minute of being confused he was like, "OH! I thought he was just trying to get an A in the class!" nope! 

Other notes to remember, I got a sweet card in the mail and phone call from my favorite two people: my parents! It was so fun to talk to them and they just listened to me talk about how great my birthday was and it was only 10 am! I also took a test that day, got a free pencil from the testing center and got a perfect score on my test! (that was the first and last time that will EVER happen!)

I got the sweeetest video of Evelyn and Christian on my FB wall wishing me happy birthday. I watched it 20 times over and over again. And when I taught my Book of Mormon Reviews later that week, I showed them too. Yes, all 410 students ;)

I also secretly love it when birthday mail comes a day late, because it means I get to celebrate my birthday for another day! Meredith sent Evelyns hand shaped cut outs with accordian style paper taped in between the two hands saying, "I love you THIS MUCH." It melted my heart. I of course showed all my roommates.

I got a sweet card from Mariah Kerr (and i've only met her twice!), and a phone call from Cami Doutre. And Lauren my roommate sent me a text every couple of hours telling me something she loved about I love your lobster bisque voice, i love your enthusiams for seeing general authorities, I love your huge smile, your desire to be better, your weird knowledge of gospel facts, and your quickness to laugh."

I also loved loved loved getting a letter with pictures in the mail from my sweet sister Julia! That was a  letter I will cherish for a long time. I can't believe i'm losing my last sister....luckily, i'll have a mission to fill the void. But I am sure going to miss her. But for these 20 years we spent together, they were pretty darn the best!

Thank you all for your wonderful wishes, your daily constant love. There isn't anything I could do to thank you enough! I am apart of all I have met. 

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