Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the last week in Provo

I got off the phone with the FBI today. That doesn't happen often. But in looks like after all, I will be leaving January 30th, and will not be delayed (this is wonderful and a little crazy at the same time).

I've been squeezing everything I've been wanting to do in Provo in the last week that I have.
It might mean i've been comprimising study time, but its totally worth it.

If there is anything I have learned during finals week, is to marry rich, and calculate the lowest score you can get in the class, rather then focus on studying.

Thursday, Dec. 6, were the last day of classes! (A student even gave me cookies in a bag... that was a source of dinner in dire need). I volunteered to go sing Christmas carols with some people from the stake at the Provo City Center for a program called, Project: READ, they have mentors that tutor illiterate citizens at all ages to learn how to read. It is a really neat organization. One that I would like to volunteer for when I come back.

Friday, I taught a review session at 9 in the morning (worst idea ever). I felt pretty darn official with the microphone clipped on my shirt, I should have taken a picture. I got home, took a nap, and then left for Manti with my good from Sydney, from my freshman ward and MTC co-worker. We went to the Temple for a live session with her brother and my friend Paul who goes to Snow College.

It was so neat to do a live session--much easier to stay awake ;)
The Manti temple is beautiful because it is really like a pioneer temple that hasn't been remodeled. I believe it was the 3rd or 4th temple built in this dispensation.
Sydney's family was so kind to have dinner for me when after the session. They also are all avid hunters, and so when I told them I had never seen/held/touched a gun with in 10 feet of me--or not pinned on a police officers him--they quickly took care of that. Sydney actually has 4 guns herself--and she let me hold all of them! Lets just say I haven't quite worked up the arm strength to actually hold any of the properly or long enough to actually shoot something. Sydney, her brother and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight--which was so fun--but I am so sad it is my last time I'll see her until I get back. Sydney has been one of my favorite mentos in life. I've always looked up to her--for her excellent work ethic, positive atttude, confident personality, and a great teacher. The first memory she has of me is running frantically to church the very first Sunday of the semester, holding my heels in one had and a hymn book in the other--I'm pretty sure that image of me has stayed the same ever since.

Saturday, I taught another review session that went much better. But I was 7 minutes late. How embarrassing. I ran across campus, sacrificing my dignity to try to get there on time. I maybe gave them a few extra freebies to make up for my tardiness. Luckily, they were kind enough to humor me and watch the "Birthday movie" from Evelyn and Christian--needless to say, they loved it.

Sunday, my very last Sunday in Provo. I have been in the 93rd ward since April and I really have loved this ward. It was a great first off campus experience. I learned alot from my leaders and ward members. I am very excited to move on though too. After church, we took "roommate pictures," just like every other BYU girls apartment. However, we did it in the freezing cold with snow on the ground. My roommates are champs. These are such an elite group of girls, I feeel so blessed!

 Look at the cute future sister missionaryI ran into...with not a Spanish, but a Porteuguse Book of Mormon! :)

When we got back to the apt., Caitlyn had forgotten that rice was left on the stove. Needless to say, the door was opened for the next hour as we let the fumes fade from the apartment. At least we know that if there is a fire, the smoke detectors will definitely not be going off. We all huddled in blankets on the floor while the hometeachers taught us--while the 20 degree wind found its way into our apartment through the open door of shame.

Hannah and I also went with a few ward members to the Provo Temple where we met up with lots of other recently called Sister Missionaries. This is similar to what happened in SLC, but it was the Provo Edition. We sang "Called to Serve," took pictures, acquainted with those called to the same mission, and went around in a circle telling everyone where we were serving. All i remember:is that it was so cold.

My friends, Bree and Hayley, came over as a little farwell to me. I still can't believe that I won't be here next month. Another friend, Josh, came over and we played ticket to ride and ate birthday cake.

It was such a fun and busy last sunday in Provo. I can't believe my time for now is ending.
Tomorrow I will be half way through college! Wahoooooo!


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