Wednesday, December 19, 2012

when tragedy hits

its been 9 days since I have last posted. unheard of actually. so i thought i'd take care of that and blog now. since naturally, there is never dullness in this life.

the news digest:
unfortunately, there were two shootings in one week of each other, on the west and east side of the country. the first shooting was on Dec. 11, a regular tuesday, at the Clackamas Town Center mall, actually, "our" mall. My parents were not there that day, but many of their ward/stake/work friends were. We saw the hand of the Lord so evident, as they were guided and protected to be in a part of the mall that the shooter would not be. Two innocent individuals lost their life that day--and the injured and impact are so many.

secondly, that friday, there was another shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. (very near my cousin's house). twenty children were killed, as well as 7 other individuals (teachers, janitors, and others that were trying to protect the children). first, i can not begin to sympathize what this feels like, having no children of myself, but i can only imagine how i would feel if one of my nieces and nephews were one of those kids and the hurt and pain that would never seem to heal.

when sunday came, it seemed we were treading on such sacred sad times. the country mourning the death of these children. it seemed almost as if--there was no more light in this world--as if no hope.
it doesn't seem ironic that on that friday morning, before i heard the news, i decided that day, that i was going to be an eternal optimist.

so yes, our days may not be sunshine and lollipops, and i don't take lightly what happened, but i do know, that there is a God in heaven, and He is in the very details of our life. Those little children, they are with the angels right now. I truly believe, that if the Savior's second coming were to happen, He would first go visit all the little children, they are the precious, and pure, humble, and meek.

I know that God has a plan for us. We were with Him before we came to earth, and once we were born, there was a Savior who had already atoned for all the sins of the world--even the sins we had not made yet--and because of the Savior, we can live again with our Father in Heaven, for ever. Those little children will see their mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, and uncle again.

Although this time, there will be sorrow for a period, there is a God in Heaven that we can rely on for help and strength. We have tests in this life so we can become more like Him.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, because of this knowledge of the Plan of Happiness, I can find peace, and happiness in this life knowing that I'll be with my family for eternity. I am so grateful for that.
I wish all the Connecticut families knew that too...

I think my sister also says it best, here.
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