Tuesday, December 4, 2012

it was a tender mercy kind of day

I love my tender mercy days. It truly is every day. But this one, I couldn't help but record. 
When I focus on the tender mercies of each day, it sets me on fire of happiness. 

Today, I was so lucky to attend my last BYU devotional in the Marriott Center listening to Elder Bruce D. Porter of the Seventy. I got to sit with new and old friends on the floor level. I was sitting directly next to the teleprompter--so I was very conscious not to stretch or move to much. It was so neat to be so close to the podium. It was almost as if he was just talking to a small handful of students when in reality he was speaking to thousands and then more thousands being broadcasted. I hope everyone will have a chance to hear his remarks on Prayer. It was truly touching. Although I've been praying multiple times a day for 20 years (i can officially say that in 1 hour). There is still something I can always learn on how to improve my prayers. 
Told you I was close

I then went to the JKB to work on some grading when I saw the Elders Quorum President and we began talking about the Communications program. When I told him I was only on paper #116 out of #410, he said, "oh in comparrison to you, I am doing great!" After we had said goodbye, he walked away only to return a few minutes later and threw me a candybar saying, "This should help you finish the grading.." A. How does he know I love snickers. B. How does he know I love chocolate (oh, i'm a girl). C. That was the sweetest thing ever. D. He's from Oregon, so he is automatically cool. 

And something that just lit up my day today was after sitting in the Book of Mormon class I TA for, I saw Elder Jay E. Jensen beginning to walk down the aisle after class. I freaked out alittle inside. I was absolutely thrilled. I immediately stopped him. 

Me: "Elder Jensen! Hi! Oh my goodness! Hi! I'm Emily Lewis. You don't remember me, but you came to my stake years ago! I'm from Portland, Oregon." 
Him: "Oh I remember that stake, yes, I can remember sitting in the Stake President's home."
Me: "You probably don't remember but my dad was in the Stake Presidency when you came. President Lewis? Oh and I remember you spoke about hymns and music in the home and the sacredness of it."
(You should also know he gave a replica talk in General Conference the next month...)
Him: Oh thank you. 
Me: And thank you so very much. You are absolutely one of my most favorite general authorities, you look exactly like my grandfather that passed away around the time that you came to visit my Stake, so I feel you've had such an influence on my life.
Him: Oh thank you. I'm so glad you made that connection. 
Me: So what exactly are you doing here?
Him: Well, I came to observe because I am teaching next semester.
Me: You are!? Oh man, too bad i'm going on a mission, I would have loved to take your class.
Him: Where are you going?
Me: Argentina Neuquén Mission. 
Him: (jaw dropped), Oh, you are going to love your mission. It is so beautiful. I did a mission tour twice in that mission and it is just beautiful. Barli de Loche is like the Jackson Hole of Argentina. 
Me: Oh really, I have no idea what to expect, but I am excited. 
Him: Expect it to be beautiful, and just to love the people. 
Me: Oh thank you thank you again. 

So i probably was so excited I didn't get to let him speak as much as I should have, but I couldn't miss this opportunity to share with him how grateful I was for his influence. 

After that I had to immediately call my parents. That was so fun to talk to them. Then they encouraged me to talk to a professor about my major and such. So I ran over to my professors office, luckily caught him in there and talked. He was generous to spend the time I needed with him even without an appt. It turns out he also served in Argentina so it was fun to connect. While talking to him though I might've been distracted by the plethora of diploma certificates he had on the wall, Northwestern, U.S. Supreme Court something...it was impressive to say the least. 

Over all, it has just been one fantastic day. Today could have been my birthday and I would have known no difference. So 45 more minutes of being a teen...any last parting words of advice before I reach the threshold of adulthood. 

I saw this in the Tanner Building after attending a "Handel's Messiah Sing-A-Long" for FHE on Monday.
Argentina....less than 60 days. 

BYU, you are impressive with your Christmas trees. That is two full levels in the Tanner Building. 

The walk to school

The walk home from school

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