Thursday, November 8, 2012

thinking of my mom...

i am one of the very lucky individuals in this world to know my mom.
we all have had mothers at one point in our life--but more than that, i feel so lucky that my mom is alive and i get to talk to her daily, and...i'm known for talking to her more than just once a day.

my mom is beautiful.
she is kind, loving, helpful, and gentle.

my mom and dad have stark contrasted personalities...and although i tend to take after my dad, i have always found the attributes of my mother the definition of nurturing and uplifting.

my mom teaches by example.
because my dad has been an ecclesiastical leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for their entire married life, my mom supports and sustains him daily.
because my dad is always at meetings, giving talks, or doing church business, others perhaps view her role as the wife as insignificant. but oh how that is the farthest from truth. my dad is who he is because of my mother. she would do as much as she possibly could to help him with his callings, making him breakfast, lunches, and dinners. (i'll always remember, if my mom was out of town, she would know exactly what time to call me to start pre-heating food for my dad before church meetings on tuesday nights...she's that good). honestly, you can't talk about my dad without talking about my mom. i admire how much they are always one.

she would tell you that all of the time my dad spends as a lay-minister is not a sacrifice, but a blessing. she sees everything eternally. in fact, it is her private religious behavior that has me daily impressed with her Christ-like heart.

my mothers actions, words, and thoughts are patterned after the Savior.
she is not perfect, (no one is), but she is a lens of a 2012 individual who is trying to follow the Savior.

my mother, who deserved to suffer the least of all I know, suffered the most. 
but, you would never hear her utter a complaint about that. in fact, her past with polio could be forgotten if we are not careful because of how little she complains--even though that pain is everlasting.

my mother is my hero.
she can make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. (key ingredient= love ;)
she'll drive to the middle school if you forgot your P.E. clothes
she'll wait for hours for child after child to have piano or violin lessons
she'll kindly remind you that you left bobby-pins in your pocket when she did the wash
she'll buy your favorite ice cream when she goes to the store, just because
she'll tell you that your performance was the best one of all at every recital
she'll make your bed for you when you are at school, with a note telling you she loves you
she'll wait at the bus-stop to pick up an elementary school girl
she'll let you borrow her computer for the majority of your high school years to write papers and blogs
she'll take you out to Jazzy Bagels when you pass each level of swimming lessons
more than all of that....she'll tell you she loves you, each day.

do you ever stop and realize, you have a mom, who loves and cares for you. she'll stop what she's doing to talk to you on the phone, and give your support and encouragement for what you want to do. or she'll always be the first to pray for you before you take an exam. i hope i never forget my mothers love for me.

I always think of my mother, but today especially, i remembered my mother for being one of Oregon's "Mother of the Year"Award nominee. She doesn't need to be a nominee to know that she really is the "mother of the universe for eternity," but I wouldn't mind if she won either...

I wish I could have been there with you mom today. I can't wait to for my kids to meet you someday!

I love you, mom.
my mom doing her favorite job...being a grandma!
 her last child leaving the house...she's got to be proud excited!
the one who makes just about everything 


  1. Such a great tribute to Mom. Pretty much sums up how amazing she is!! Love you MOM!!

  2. Yes, a lovely, tribute for an exceptional Mom! We are the lucky ones!

  3. You have me in tears and the nice comments, too. I am humbled by your wonderful expressions of praise and love. I don't feel worthy of it, but it warms my heart

  4. The rest of my comment....and I want to be better. I'm already a winner. I have the best children and grandchildren!


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