Monday, November 5, 2012

a parable...

Maybe its just because I cherish the time I get to "sit" (and pedal) and think during my cycling class that I relate everything in life to that class.

We've reached that point in the semester where motivation is waning, tiredness sets in, and the holidays are treading ahead...for what seems like a year away.

Lately, I've been going to spinning class thinking, "When is this going to get easy? When am I not going to sweat so much? When am i going to get use to this?"

It has taken me this long to realize, it isn't going to get any easier, and honestly, thank goodness.
The progress i have made since day 1 has been phenomenal. I can bike harder and faster than i was first able to, and i have increased my mileage more and more in each proceeding workout.

Although i bike on the same stationary bike every class, I have covered hundreds of miles. In fact, if I would have been on a real road, I would have biked Portland to Seattle and on my back. (Sure, sure, this has been over the course of 2 months, but whatever).

I feel like I can liken my bike experience to life.
don't we ask ourselves daily, "when is it going to get easier? when am i not going to be in pain? when am i going to get through this? when is this [challenge] going to end?"

Luckily, I have a teacher who bikes in front of the class room with us. and occasionally  she'll take a place next to a student on her bike. She gives us the lesson plan at the front of the class--as guideline at what she wants us to reach and accomplish and then tells us why its important for us to do this. She incorporates other elements in the classroom to help us stay motivated to do hard things.

I am a student in this class room, but i am also a student to life and too myself. I learn from the one master teacher, Jesus Christ. the test's He gives us are the only perfect tests there are. He gives us the lesson plan of life --the Plan of Salvation, of Happiness! He gives us the scriptures and prophets and apostles to help us understand why we are becoming who we are on in this life. He will ride along side us--the entire way. Not just from Point A to point B, but from Point A to point Z and will still be with us. He knows how to encourage me, because He has already been through what I go through today. He knows what a wet stained face feels like from tears, He knows what it feels like to not get that grade I wanted, He even has suffered and been subjected to men in the flesh. (2 Nephi 9:5)

I am so grateful to have a master teacher, a perfect, merciful, kind, and inspiring teacher.
I want to be on the path my Savior lead.
I surely am not perfect, but I am trying.

If anything...He truly doesn't care how far, or how many miles I've traveled. Location is important. But becoming something is of far greater importance. He wants me to learn from my hills and downhills. He wants me to become like Him. And He has given me the tools to do so.

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