Saturday, November 10, 2012

All things denote.

after a cold-numbing day in the snow on campus, i was going to vent my complaints. but after thinking that through. that would not be appropriate. especially considering its November--and I have not been nearly as grateful as i should.

as i walked from building to building, slushing through the puddles on the ground, with snow sneeking into my shirt, and creating a puddle on top of my backpack i recognized the beauty of the earth. there is something about the first fresh snowfall of a season that has a magic to it. its almost as if extra lights are turned on by the brightness and beauty of the snow.

then i realized...all things denote. all things denote there is a God in Heaven. and i am evidence of that, and the beauty of the earth is supporting evidence. i walked home this evening, dark night with snow-toped trees that made the branches bend on the end. it was as if they created an arch-way for me, inviting me into the comfort of their branches.

Here's what I am grateful for.
:: I'm grateful for cold feet to remind me that I have shoes & socks to wear.
:: I'm grateful for a painful toe (more on that later) to remind me that I will have a perfect body after the resurrection
:: I'm grateful for eyes that need wiping when snow drifts in, to remind me that I get to see this beautiful earth
:: I'm grateful for shower curtains that fall down because i remember, i have a shower curtain.
:: I'm grateful for pimples (this one took a lot of me to say), because it means my body is living
:: I'm grateful for those few extra pounds gained during the holidays because it means there is more than enough food and it gives you an opportunity to work at achieving something hard
:: I'm grateful for a laptop battery that dies, because it means I have a laptop and the means to recharge it.

I am so grateful for the many tender mercies that I have experience in my life in these past few months. I am realizing how much the Lord knows the details of our lives.

So my lesson learned: when you find something that you would complain about, find a way to be grateful about instead. (look here for more things I'm grateful for...)

i'm just grateful for shoes to wear....even though they allowed extra water in via a nice hole ;)


  1. Beautiful reminder of the little things that bless our lives and how gratitude is the most humbling virtue of all.

  2. I loved this. I needed this. With the -10 degree weather lately, being more grateful for our earth and the beauty of it is exactly what I need to be doing.
    And by the way, amen to #8 on your gratitude list. I get so bugged when I can't find a close parking lot, but you know what? I should be freaking grateful I have feet to walk! And access to a car that needs parking.
    Also #12, 13, 16, 24, 35, 38, 74, 82 love them all.


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