Tuesday, October 23, 2012

whispers from cubicle 251

I've hit the middle of the semester. The days when your first class begins at 8am, and you find yourself leaving campus at midnight, only because they are kicking you out. And the only time you were home that day was for the 6 hours of sleep you got, and the 2 hours for Family Home Evening.
I'm not saying this because being busy is a badge of honor, but just its that point in the semester where you either give up or keep going.

I've found my spot in the library.
Its in corner cubicle in the media center--where I can sit at a 21 inch mac and hear the soft hum of keystrokes. (I realize I just extremely cheesy with my writing, but honestly, i could care less at this point. Consider it a good sign that my brain is just working...)

If this cubicle could talk it would tell you I sit here eating trail mix--saving the m&m's for last of course, while doing homework. It would tell you I always have my cotton candy headphones plugged in listening to classic movies like Emma or North and South in the background as I grade paper after paper. Right now I'm grading papers on faith, and I think i've read this quote over 220 times, so I'll share it with you. "Faith is not just a feeling, it is a choice." Elder Niel L. Andersen said that.
If this cubicle could talk, it would tell you that I sometimes find myself easily distracted from my studies and begin looking at world maps, sister missionary clothes, and watching mormon messages.
This cubicle would tell you that once my eyes are literally bloodshot from staring at the computer, i'll go to take a nap in the bathroom down the hall, on the couches in the mothers lounge. You might also find me in such a daze from lack of sleep that I stand at the hand-sensor towel dispenser, waving my hand back and forth frustrated that it is not catching the motion of my hand, only to realize its completely empty. Or this cubicle would tell you that this morning, Emily had to pray for help just to get out of bed. Or, this cubicle would tell you that when its early in the morning, and few students have trickeled into this building that Emily will often slip off her shoes, plant them on the table, and thoughtfully sift through the papers and papers to grade. This cubicle would also tell you that in this building--it is the only place she sees her cousins or brother. Passing in and out through the main doors is where the exchanges of loved ones take place. That is how much of a home it is.

And so from this cubicle I write goodnight. I have only been home for a mere hour today--just long enough to breathe and say hi to one roommate, because you find the rest of your apartment scattered amongst the rest of the library.

Before my eyes shut down, or my brain turns off, i'll see you again soon....

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  1. I was just thinking today that it's been awhile since I've heard from you.....now I know why....You are busy standing at the paper towel dispenser still waiting for something to come out :) jk Hopefully you get a nice break soon!?


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