Thursday, October 25, 2012

holds my happiness

“What beautiful hyacinths! I have just learnt to love a hyacinth.”

“And how might you learn? By accident or argument?”

“Your sister taught me; I cannot tell how. Mrs. Allen used to take pains, year after year, to make me like them; but I never could, till I saw them the other day in Milsom Street; I am naturally indifferent about flowers.”

“But now you love a hyacinth. So much the better. You have gained a new source of enjoyment, and it is well to have as many holds upon happiness as possible."

--Catherine Morland and Henry Tilney in Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey
So in the Spirit of Northanger Abbey, I'm going to make a list of what holds my happiness. (thanks to my writing professor to introduce me to this passage)
  • snow, hot chocolate, and a period movie
  • sleep, and feeling "good" when you wake up
  • Christmas music, Christmas traditions, Christmas break, everything Christmas
  • the best roommates...all day, everyday
  • Roadtrips (now, but not so much when i was younger)
  • Oregon water (i've lived in utah for 18 months, still not use to it. 18 months...thats like having 2 pregnancies)
  • A great cycling workout
  • peanut butter and jam. a good dose of it. 
  • the scriptures, the gospel, prayer, 
  • listening to "Conversations" on the Mormon Channel
  • helping students on an individual basis
  • watching "Emma" in the corner of the computer while grading papers
  • talking with my family. 
  • being awake in the early morning--if i choose to be 
  • getting text messages from my mom saying she loves me.
  • writing notes, blog posts, thank you's, and journal entries
  • hearing "aunt emily" from a childs mouth
  • being inside any temple
  • having a fulfilling job, and working hard
  • reading, reading, and reading, probably about Apostles.
  • seeing President Monson interact with his wife
  • receiving my mission call soon
  • knowing my parents love each other
think about what holds your happiness? how long has it been since you have felt that?

hyacinths: via google


  1. love this...and you! Especially the part about the roommates ;) that and the two pregnancies...haha who thinks of that?!

  2. I love the passage from Northanger Abbey. Makes me really want to read the book...And hyancith? So gorgeous! I wonder how I've never heard of them before. At first I thought you were going to be talking about Wives and Daugthers and Hyacinth Claire :)


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