Friday, October 26, 2012

on its way.....

I might have planted myself in the most oddest place to write this post. Yes, in the very aisle ways of the BYU bookstore. Despite the hustle and bustle, i just have to say my great news.

my mission on its way! (wait, re-read that a few times, let it sink in).

I am excited, no, thrilled, no ecstatic!

(side note: i may be one of the first of many in the history of the church for the younger sister missionaries to receive their call.)

anyways....thats all i had to say.

post-edit. so i sat down, but not long after sitting down, an older gentleman  in his later 60's asks if he can sit down next to me. I have learned civility in my 20 years of life, so i of course let him. I didn't realize then that they would talk to me for 20 minutes while i just smile and nodded and accepted what he said. I think i squeezed in maybe 10 words. anyways, it was just an interesting experience. 

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